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Tuae.-«"PPJ =™^' ^^' 


In ll^e open-air 

^ Our Army we P^pare, 

Con>.,s-,«u«,..oJ"U=;n'' longer 

shall stream. 


Ian will rage: j<„i, 

To Wiiier J"''' """'"^ ■ 

,vill e°E=f i ,iour, has con- 
Buf Jesus, jour &;">"'• 

quercd lor io"! rnnoner 

And He -ill assist you lo «nqner 

licmi too- ' 

Though rough te ihc Bghtlng, and 

tronblcs arise. ^^ 

T^-vrp nre mansions oi E»"»J »• 

^. ,a^!:Ss"or;i=.or, are ..Hi^ 
for yo"- 


T»nes.-Thou Shcnherd of Hrael. 

■ uij Kealms of ihe blest, liu. 

Thy eallti) surrentler I've hMTd-, 

Now sWiflly obeying that eall, 

Jind doivn at Thy feet lay nij alL 


Ohl speak, while before Tlw, I 

And, ob.\\mA. just vhJt seemclh 

Thee good, . 

Reveal, and my heart will ohey. 

My heart truly TbilK «vcr "<"?. 

Blessed 1-Ord now Seal irom 
Thv Kingdom on earth to_ rcslure. 

Oh; fill nic with more oi tliy xve. 

This world, ajl its smiles and 

" Oh! Lord, tliey arc uolhing to 

To live, light, and die. in Thy cause, 
Ever IrSe, b>' Thy graee, 1 wHhe. 

'Tis Thy goodneM makes me bold, 

I can no denial take 

When I p lead for Je su'a sake. 


I have a Shepherd, one I love M 

well. „ ^pvfT 

What He is to me tongue can never 

On the'cross He suffered, shed His 
Blood, and died. 

That I might ever in His loveahid*. 

FoKowirg 5tsus ever, day by day. 

Nothing have I to fear when He 
leads the way ; 

Darkness or sunshine what e er be- 
fall, ,, . „ 

Jesus, my Saviour, is my all m all. 

Pastures abundant doth His hand 
provide, ,. 

Still waters flowing ever at mj side. 

Goodness and mercy folloiv on my 

With such a Shepherd nothing can 
1 lack. 



Savine Bodies and Souls in Indian 
"* Villaee. 

Tunes.— Nottingham, 85: Jcsus,^ 

Lover, 84. 
Lord, I cannot let Thee go 
Till a Wpssing Thou bestow i 
- Do not him away Thy face. 
Mint's an urgent, pressing case. 

Thou hast helped in every need; 
This emboldens me to plead. 
After so much mercy past, 
Caast Tboil let uc sitilc at Mtr 

Sbi thousand eases in a year is the 
record of The Salvation Arrays 
llcdieal Work in the Muktipur Dis- 
pensary, Gu.erat. 1* may be ».d 
Siat that institution is situated in a 
very out-ol-the-way spo , but that 
is the very reason why the patients 
come in such numbers. This place is 
so far from any other medical wort 
that the people who otherwise would 
BO to no doctor, just using home re- 
mcdiM and spells, come here lo 
obtain treatment. Many of .the cases 
dealt with had first been made worse 
by the old-time means. 

The sufferings of the people are 01 
many kinds. Out of Bve cases ol 
snake lite, one died and four recov- 
ered; of three cases of septic anae- 
mia caused by the ansanilary meth- 
ods of the village midwives. One 
patient died. There were two at- 
tempted suicides: (a) had taken poi- 
son; (li) had cut his throat; he 
recovered. ■ , . „ 

The man who took the poison 
was a Brahmin priest bclongnig to a 
temple not far from tlic Dlil aisary. 
He ivas sent to The Army liy the 
police. It was found he had taken 
JSO crains oi opium, and so dclcr- 
rained was he to end hie tha 
he mixed il with oil, so that it 
micht assimilate more quicku 

In an effort to save the |)ricsts 
liic the pMplc of the MukW ur left 
their woik and took lurns -ii keep 
ill" him moving aboul. Eelorc he 
pmscd into a state 01 coma h nnile 
this stalcmcnf, "I h.ivc tried, I hate 
worked, I have soucHt to Tiiid |icacc 
to mv SQUI, bnt 1 Cannot; I am Just 
tired of liic." 

Oppnrtunitics fre<iucntly occur 
for hclpiiig the people in in-iltcrs 
pertaining lo llie soul. Only a ^ort 
time ago thcOdiccrs were nulled to 
spoal: in the high-caste quarter oI -i 
villag-e in the ncighbourliood llie 
people sent their fharry for tlic bal 
vationisls, who, when they got there, 
found about three hundred retdv to 
hear their message. Tiicy bid a fine 
trnic. Tfie day bcfor... l~u Th .kors 
(Indian chiefs) from Kathiawarhad 
been to the Dispensary to m,1u":e 
about the God served by the Mukli- 
faui. They had been telling the 
people of the village of the great 
loving God otthe .Salvationists, and 
this had ledthem to send. 

AdvS« onljaYw r-. Total 
The splendid Self-Denial total of 
13,400 y?o (?M») no' <.°'J[.f' =J; 
lishes a new record lor that rar 
Eastern Territory, but repracnl! a 
very considetahle advance upon any- 
thing previously Mhieved. • 

Four years ago the total. raised 
by the Self-Denial Effort in the 
find of the Chrysanthcnjum was 
n? more than MS yen. The pre- 
sent total is. roughly speaking, an 
fnerease of nearly 1,400 yen upon 
last year, and shows not only how 
"magnificently our Japanese com- 
rades have thrown their energies 
into the campaign, hut the eagerness 
on their part 10 contribute to the 
spreading ol Salvation among othtr 
nations, since from the Sclf-Dcnial 
Fund The .'krmj's Missionary WorK 
is largely maintained. - 

We regret lo hear Ihat Adjutant 
Pickle. 6i Bracebridsc. is fuReiing 
from an attack' of . tonsilitis We 
trust, -however, that she will soon 
regain her usual health. 

Captain Trim has left the hospi- 
tal at Kingston, and though sllll in 
a weak condhion, hopes to rcEanj 
her sirenclh in a short while and 
be icadj for an appointment. 

■\diinant Burton, of Hamilton I., 
tends a wire to the cBect that the 
Corps'iargct is complelelj; smashed 
—seven hundred dollars bcmg placed 
on the Altar, and more coming in. 

Major McAramond conduttcd the 
meetings at Oshawa last Sunday, 
and three souls surrendered. He re- 
ports that the Self-Denial target is 

Our Young People will he mler- 
ested by an Anagram Competition in 
this week's "Voung Soldier, 


Windsor, N.S.— June 3-4. 
Xcniville.— June 5. , 

Digby. — June 6. ' 

Yannouth.— June 7. 
St. John 1,— June 8, 
Newcastle.— June 9. ' 

Campbellton.— June 10-11. 
BowmanvHle.— June 17-18. 

(Brigadier Green and the Dm. 
stonal Commander will aecompaD}.) 


Bracebfidge. — June 3-4. [ 

Lisgar Street.— ^Junc 11, ' 

Temple. — June 12. 

Bracebridge, June 3-4. 

Cove, June 8; WcslcyviSlc, June 
9; Greenspond, June 10-11, Ln 
Cove, June 13; Shoil Bay, jimt 
14; Hare Bay, June 15; AlenD- 
dra Bay, June 17-L8; Port Btaml. 
ford, June 1&. (Major Cave trill 


St. John's 2, June 5. 

bridge, June 3-4. 

BraG. MORRIS — Bowman?iUti 
June 18-19. 

BRIO. ADBY— .^aiiil Stc Ihnt, 
June 3-3; Llscnt Slrcet, June 11, 
Temple, June 12; lif.irapion,JllM 
15 : Bowmanville, June 17 1*. 


June 3-4; Storrisbiirf, June if 

Bowmanvillc. June 6; Oitiiin, 

■ June 7. Y. P, Iiisi.cclions Hil.. 

fax Division, June. 13; bt Jollti 

i^5.';^""»'ivE™"" '■ "" June 20: London, J.n. 2l H=cil. 

ton, June 22. i 

June 3-4; l-iiifar -Vi«t, Juat 11 

ronto, June 11. 

Tenitorial Staff p''hesl« rf 
Male Cboir-BraCLl.: nlst Jaa=" 



Men's Social, W;..'.!., ■■-]■■«* 
Vorkton.-Jni.e 11. 
S-.vift Curfcnt.— !r.;i'.' */■!» 
• Brandon.— June :.- j 

Kcnor.l.-Jnne 2) n ■<-'■." 
Seii-cll Camp.— Ji--;' -'■ 
•Estcvan. — Jaly ■'■ ^ 
•Weybiirn.— Jiilj- I ■■ 
•Sclkirk.-Jnly \6. 
•North BaltlcFor.l.- l-.ily " 
•Sasliatoon.^iil.v -7- 
•Prince Albert.- -J ■•;;■ -'• 
•Tisdalc.— July ^'r-'':,, 
•Winnipeg 7.— July »■, 
•Winnipeg.*.— Auf""^"- , 

(•Mrs. Sowlon accompW'e'l 


Looking For You 

OfUtrt, SeUitn, ami Fr^tndt or, «?««/•'' <^« 
ciiittuj ty !ftitiHC ritular/^ tbretigh thi Miititc 
Ct/Mnm, and Id wtify f oi'm/Z/awJ**, ifa^lt is ctvt 

ims. EUNICE t'AKGDOU. necBOun- 
10*11 TiLc sin or ilic nbovc Is eceklnc 

rpul ;ia rrrkn it He uicn npohe oC 
*•-„ •:.„. .,rlttiii since Jio Is accfl 2a. 

Wi-O:. British BuWtct, aged %i, fio'R^bt 
.5 It,, folr hair. Hii« ey""- 'J^'f comoie*- 

"p bMn In tue acneral Hospital at —-L.wrrrtM 

;,'r.»rffi"ElSA"!SfS?' ffi MRS. COMMR. SOVVTON 

■Formalists wear the uoilorm^but 
do no active service for Ibcir King. 
* * •■^- - 

When a ma" "-antu to Snd faults, 
he mil do »,evcn if he has to spenil 
all mt lime looking (or them 


Last nnoifn aiOrcBB. care ProresBor 
EholUtwortK, M Bhertoume Street, To- 
rtmtOL MoUier vfouU Illuj *<> hW from 
h*r ana to knew of ber wrfl-belnE. 

FHEI> IVET. 109<a. If Fred Ivey. fpr- 
morly of Torontp will cor-'"U-I.'='o """ 
S™ Bell. Oeaerri^IMllvon;. Oiu™. h; 
will IBH of •omOilm to Ufa itdvautai* 


(iroo. 6\am or m SAIMO AIM IN c^ 

iQtematMiial Headquarters: 
tOl Queen Victoria St, London, E.C. 

WilUam Booth, Pounder, 

Canada East Headquarters: 
Jamn and Albert Streets. TorontOL 

33nJYear.No.37. Braiuwell Booth, General. 

TORONTO. JUNE 10, WW. W- J. Wcbaids, Comnussioner. Price Two Cent* 



Ferme.— ]ano 3-4. _ 

Mrs. Lieut-Colonel Tucnerw" 


S, P|^co|k-^M'di^« 
Hat, June 3-5; =*'" 
June fi. 

:' ! -^ ''^^''i 


fAI^V >mO ago tk«« 
was l>i)b)ished a little 
Iboolt »ith th« title 
^•■Ulessca Be Drudgery," 
Tic putiiosc of the bock »"s to 
show tbe value of common Ihmgs 
and especially ol common, routine 
woA. dnide..>g "orL, vvork 
appears to Se nolhmg ™ il^;-" »>"< 
jet Wich is all » P»rt ■>"''" 8«at 

"scheme. , 

Hot, i»e may all do well to by 

this lesson to heart, for t» most oS 

us mach drudgery cones. Our life s 

talk is made up cf an infinitude of 

5Uiall tasks, Usks which become 

monotonous, dreary, dis-sp.rinng 

unless »e can see in them ihc «ider. 

larger plan of God fo'r our lives and 

7o7lhe K«s of those around u^ 

Day after day, at ihe desk or <taTn|.- 

i„B from house to house canvassing, 

„eek after -vcek teaching children or 

-tn-hding on month after month in 

the Sclllement or Insl.tution-whjt 

a^ert it is and ho» often the tempU- 

lion. comes to ask, 'Is it ^vo'lh 

. »liiier "Is there nothing more im- 

. portant ormore imercsling for me 

: to dor What «e need is Ihespint 

Of Bcrseveranee, the ability to go on, 

ne» when it would be easier and 

, more pleasant, and at the moment 

.'nwy even appear to be more wise, to 

give iip. 

Elisba told King Joash- to smite 
and be smote on Ihe ground three 
times Ind Stayed, Elisha »-as wroth 


"Let U£ not be wt«7 '"> »«" 
ie»p, if we fum not."-Gala:ians 

toifw! for m due Boa" "' '^ 
6:9. . 

„ith the king and said. Thou 
shouldst hive smitten five or sk 
.imesr then hadst thou imittei. Syria 
till thou hadst consumed it: where- 
as now thou shall smite Sjria but 
,brice." So it turned out tq he three 
times did Joash smite Syria, but he ■ 
might have smitten it completely- If 
only the ting had gone on smmng, 
his kingdom might have been freed 
from the Syrian yoke. 

Our revered Founder says in his 
"Salvation Soldiery": "Oh, this 
nuccn of Graces, Ejiduring Grace, 
The scarcest grace of all... and yet 
it is the Soldier's grace. So if »e 
would be irue Soldiers we must en- 
dure. We must smile on, £gbt on, 
plod on, work on. Our persevering 
I ,he drudgery and .he umhunkful 
task may mean turning a seem.iigV 
imminent defeat into a victory. We 
must smile on. 

I was reading the Other day of a 
linle Belgian troop whose members 
felt Ihcy must retire before the over- 
whelming odds against, but 
they sent one more volley mto the 
Lks of the foe, and that voney 
.decided the engagement ill ineir 




" welcome to call me si"«"^>■"° I"'' V"ir,AellaS''rn 
Pete,' or whatever a complete change will take f-lace in 
Mends," said the you-but you must be sincere. 

.„.:*..:..,- „yj,y 3l] ]f„f,yv me, my occtipation 

and habits. Being a publican and 
always amongst dnnk, I was neatly 
always half-drunk, and the on.\ t"' 
I did manage to keep^fo'- 
when in training for^ 
to then; my trai'^^' 

was testifying 

elins in a 

to take a 

y you are 

1 could 


playing for the cup Th home te=m 
w« leading b> one goal, and it was 
only a minute ol! the time for play 
""close. The name of the leading 
tlin, was alread> placed ,n the brge 
Xanithe names of the tn^vidua, 
players in the sm,ll cups «l"ch went 
along with it. It would have taeU 
csy for .he visiting team to say, It 
does, not matter now. let "= g^^ ■ 
„p.-' But no, right up o the last 
minute they played their best and in 
r. last minute ? goal »as won 
This turned the result of tl,esaije 
to a dra., the time was extended by 
Sftecn minutes and in the . fifteei . the .same team secured an- 
other goal, and so secured the cnp 
It was their staying power that «r- 
ried them through. I' « ; ^'^J'.^J 
™wcr we need and wi.hout which 
'we can never hope to overcome. 
A recent writer has pointed out 
that it' is comparatively easy to set 
out upon our task with the strength 
„I,he,cagleini.sfliEh...lhat. IS 
not hard when the goal is m sight to 
pull ourselves together ■ and Tun 
without wearying, but that it needs 

, «11 the courage and ffr""?'! 
which wailing upon God will give us 

,0 enable us to walk without faml- 

,he more the '"'''h'" J"";!^ 'J^^, 
to escape the rougher 5 e »as useij. 

M^ed by a Salvation Army lassie 
Going lip to the woman, AeOtccr 
said, ■Come, sister, "Hh mc. 

"The lassie, seeing Ihe tatlerea 
condition the woman was in (ner 
clothing was nearly ?" '"% the 
wrapped her owneloak around tn= 
na'^iv?, and, taking her =™. ^hJ- 
. cd the Lieutenant, the crowd mas 
fng way tor them on their approach 
"was sued with admiration^r the 
,,lucky deed, for- the .rough crowd 
was eapaWe of any act 

tafSt All the Arait, dreary distance !>&> ; 
{Ween the start -and the finish. 

Still, to thote-wlia wait upon Him, 
God will ^vc the hidden nianna, and 
they shaW be overcomcrs. the> shall 
be ahlc to do the drudgery, lo lake 
up the daily task, to, smite on and 
emitc on,,uDtd the conflict chanjjer 
to conqucatj until, tbe-narrow.du&ly 
lane of daily duty DpShs out into a 
wide cxpan&e of beaulU-aUyicaUzed 
;hopes, Dur iBSkS'are under- 
taken -as in the presence of the Lord 
'vof £lory, -we shall be transformed in- 
to the sine imaee from glory \9 
glory, '.even- as from the Lord the 
Spirit, and hy Mid hje we shall re- 
ceive the. fnlnesa of the promise oi 
which we Already have the earnest* ' 
, .; 'iXo them who bypatlent eonlinu- 
.-ancc in' well-doing. seek for glory 
,.:_and honour and immortality, eiernal 
life." So-smite on^ fight on^ plod on, 
work i3n. When, Christian got to 
the top oi the Hill Difficulty he came 
to the Palace -Bcauiiliil "*^*'^'^ ^^ 
was put into a chamber called Peace. 
He slept till brealc of day and then 
. awoke and sang:^ 
^'Whcre am 1 now? Is this the Iotc 

and care , 

■ Of Jesus, for the men that pilgrim* 

Thus to provide I thai I should be 

And dwell already the next door to 


Juu*^ 9K 


-Adjutant Da _ 
Indian "War Cry. 



ly' I replied, and jumpiug oH the 
bed I went to meet him. It was the 
Lieutenant 1 had seen the afternoon 
iiefore. .He came -over witli out- 
stretched hands. , 
■■•I am very pleased to sfc yoa, 

he said; ^Captain ■ ■, oi I'e- 

toria, wrote asking me to .r>- aad 

make your acquaintance, Hl "ots 

not know you personally, alllioiiBh 

he has often seen you i hut for three 

consecutive nights he has been 

thinking of, and praying '"■■•J™ 

He felt compelled to ask nic lo cjl) 

on you.' , , ^^ 

'"I am pleased to know that he 

takes such an interesl in n'^- 1 said 

■and 1 may as well acknowlcte Ihat 

. I had a most unpleasant niBll »st 

night.' Then I told liim cvi.T>thing, 

The Lieutenant Ustcningaticnlml?. 


• at first. 'Come, you «ea.iMa» 

know the mcamiig ol me y^I- 

•s concern and your uncasme . 

us ask God; He will csi'l"" itl 

.Ve holh knelt down mid tie 

■cd earnestly. I =o"'«'J™ "' 

and, thank God, l)ef»« I ™=5 

my knees I was conv^^neo, i 

Tlheprojccte, Tight iniK:ht» 

er of my friends, ^"^^J^ 

Suse, and started as a peta 


Now you Know " I 'J 

\ to being called llal™ 

■ - thank God JiKl ,™ 

lyfor my conversion 

,th African "Cry- 


■igiy K 


tion Army at Saskatchewgin s Capital 

Major and^Mrs. 'Coombs— Divisioral OiScers fcr Saskatchewan 

LEAVING the city of Winni- 
peg and travelling Westward, 
one enters, upon a vast ex- 
pa.nse oi rolling prziiie and 
passes through immense 
wheat fields^ which, viewed from the 
window of the railway car, appear 
to extend to the horizon. If the sea- 
son of the year is just previous to 
the harvest, the traveller, as he looks 
out upon the ripening ^rain, comes 
(0 the conclusion that Winnijicg^has. 
been aptly termed "The Gateway, of 
the Golden. West." 

ALut journeying about seven 
hours One CfDSScS the boundary line^ 
leaving the Province of ManUob.i 
behind, and enters that u* Saskat- 
clicwan, which, like her sisttr Pro- 
incc, has become famous through- 
out (he civtiised world for the 
nmount and quality of the grciin 
trown wiihin its borders. 

Twenty-one years ago, Eeeina, the 
Ctpital of 'Saskatchewan— now .a 
ciiy of splendid churches and lionu- 
linii homes," with a population of 
ibont fifty tliOuSin*!— was a -can- 
T.'-s" town, pitched On the bunks oi 
1 zTccU on the open prairie where a 
few hardy and venturesome ppirits 
hj(l settled, 

^Vhcn The Salvation Army open- 
ed fire in the community in the year 
1S95 ihe population was in ihc vlcin- 
]1y of fifteen hundred. . Scvcrfll 
religious denominations h>id already 
becomp miorc or less established 
there, but, despite this fdct, a warm 
A^elcome was extended to The Army 
by those in authority in the town, 
and by the public generally. 

Captain Isaacson and Lieutenant 
McGcc, two women OfRccrs, had the 
hotiotir of commencing DpGration.s 
and, from thM Lime forward, The 
Army's Flag has jiccn \zc\il flying, al- 
iiioiL|Th, like other Cor|^, Rcgina has 
had its periods of prosperity and its 
^(..isons when the work has 'titch 
h-trd and difficult. 

The first niectinfrg were held in n 
room over a departmentnl slorcafld 
■^ouls were saved, some of whom arc 
pood Soldiers of the Ccrps lo-day. 
In Ihc course of time a more .com- 
modious and congenial mecting- 
I'lttcc was secured, situated over the 
Morki of the "Daily Standard." 

Some five years after the work was 

EUrtcd the town passed through a 

season oi general financial depres- 

"^^ and, with all resident-there, 

- Army felt the effects, conse- 

lently, the Officers and- Soldiers of 
Corps had some trying experi- 

(\bout this time, hnvjc\ei, the Pro- 
Mncial, in conjunction with the 

" *inion, rtovTiimfnit fVri<lf*1 

1 1 111'* iit.Uifrri !• Ml n^ 

ii ^.1 I id (. ^li'- LB *•[ 

i. n.c 1 1> i »,.<. 01 h: 

Western Provinces, were brought to 
the notice ofthe British public as 
they had never been done before; 
with the result, immigration to Can- 
ada increased, and in a lew years 
settlements becathe towns, and quiet 
towns became thriving cities. 
Regina was one of the towns re- 

number of the present Soldiers and 
Band^nun were converted in thcic ^ 
pari cular gatherings 

The \\ ork developed to "iuch an 
extent that it was decided lo erect a 
permanent hrick buildmg. This was ; 
commenced when Adjutant and .Mrs.; 
^V itr were in char;;c of the Corps.: 
The present splendid Citadel, with ■ 
its Senior and Junior Halli, was, 
opeiifd in 1913, the laic Licutfuaiit-i! 
Governor, Geo. \V, Brown, a warm^' 
friend oJ Ihe Army, officiated at the 
ceremony, and declnred the building 
open lo tht! puhlie 

Whfu 'ihe C'fiieral deemed it wi?e 
lo make The Army's oper.-iiions in 
Canada \Vc?.l distinct and Separate 
from ihpsp ill Canada liast, ii was 
also considered expedient lo com- 
bine the Cor[:3 situated in ihc Tro- 
vincc of Saskatehe«"an into a Divj- - 
sion. Slid Major and Mrs, Coombs 
were appoiiiicd Divisional Com- 
manders, with ihcir Headnnartezsat 

The Division has been formed 
about eight months, and has shown 
signs of progress^ which convinces 
those responsible that their decision 
was the correct one. Tho important 
event was favourably commented on 
by the local press, which is kindly 
disposed to The Army. 


I{.i^ii.^j Up \.j dale Muiu.if.iil OEci. 

ferrcd to. In the year 1903, it was 
incorporated as a city, and is nOw 
the Capital and scat of Government 
o^ the Province of Saskatclicvvan. 

The ParJiamonIr Building?, the 
erection of^liich was commenced in 
the fall of IMS,. stands in its own 
grounds of about One hundred and 
siKty acrL-S. It has been well said 
Ih&t there a.Tc no Parliamciu Build- 
ings more dignified or heircr ail^pi- 
■cd lo the ncL'ds of legislative wnrk 
than ihose of ilic Sa?kati:hcvv:in 

As the inJliix nf iiecii-k' lu-Iped tof 
build up ;incl csi,iblis[i the cilies and 
towns throiiElici'ut the Prmininn, sn 
the increase oi |iopu[.-Hi"on uas :» 
decided advaniapc to TIic SaU'ation 
Army, and there was no place where 
this was more Tioiice.ibic than Rc- 
gina. As the s(c:kdy stream of imiiii- 
pranls and ^settlers (rrni Eastern 
Canada continued, the Corns licgan 
to flourish, fox many of llic iiow- 
comcrs were ' Salvationists, and .it 
was soon decided thatuhc time was 
Tipc to build, a Halt.lEUid a/framc- 
building was erected- on Droad 

In May, 1912 a fine Band o£ 
twenty-five members was commis- 
M- — pfl Th** ptt^prlanf*' at xhf 
II I.I t-iL- zj. d t ^a..! unJ 
n sir I h ic d tJic 1 e .jr tl l 

£..Lt. }• ] 1^ t 'I* Cc ..IlO A ^joi 

Three new Corps have been open- 
ed durTng the last month— McHville, 
Humboldt., and Maple Creek; and 
the reports that have come.^o bud 
have been very encouraging. At 
Humboldt ten souls, have sought 
Salvation, several of whom have tak- 

Mayor Cowan, Regtna 

en a bold stand, and are a great help 
to the Officers. 

The Provincial Government mani- 
-fesled its confidence in The Army 
recently, when it decided to p'aceits 
Home for immigrant girls and do- 
mestics, situated at Rcgina^, under 
The Army's supervision. Adjuiant 
aitd Mrs. Habkirk are at pre-^enlm 
charge of this Institution. The Ad- 
jutant also rctiderfi assistance to 
Major Coombs wiih the work o£ 
the Division, 

Adjutant and Mrs. Hoddina'c are 
the Corps' OfiiccrF, .ind arc l.uour- 
ing hard lo extend the Kingdam of 
God in the eommiinity. No less 
ihan~tcn members of the Band ind 
four Soldiers have enlisted. The Lo- 
cal Officers and the remainm:; Sol- 
diers, however, arc rallying round 
their Ofiiccra in a nir.:intr y*c- '- of 
considerable praise, and the Vojng 
Prf^pltV Work, ■.linkr ihc s^. l.c 
of Young People's Sf:rs;eaii'- ' if 
Miiehetl, is making jrcat Stride 

Mis Worship ,M.iyor Cm i ii 
always proved lo be a verv pri.^ al 
friend. When inlervJL'WL'd r^,, ly, 
he e.'^prcEeed liis oi>;iiii>]i o. Kc 
Arjny's work as iuliowri:— 

"It is my habit In judge me-i d 
orgranizalioN.'i by what the} I vc 
done, and wliat ihcy arc doir;^ ijf 
course, approval depends upo i int 
nature of what has been dcr.^ ind 
what is being- done. I think il i ma 
has arrived when only the ^vn fj- 
affectcd disapprov&or The Salvt an. 
Army. At least I meet with appi \al 
from all other sources. Appt ^al 
baying been given, the onl> t ng- 
that remains to diseusS is the c.i ^ 
(Concluded on Page 15 1 





E i 










S ! 





W ' 

,-7 ': 










Adjutant •md Vra. Heddtiwtt 
CoE^rti !ihui<' OwCera ii Rc^ca Corps 



f * 

I J 


Jum ia,^s 


Brother and Sister Bass 

Recently married at Pauphin by 
S'aff-Capiam Peacock. Standing. 
J. Haddrcll and Lieut. McPhedran. 


SpeaSa Up for God ta » SaHwaj 

An Exeter Corps Cadet, wbo lives 
four miles from tbe Corps, was r^ 
purine home froca a meeting by 
jtrain in a carriage with a number of 
other girts about her ov.-n age who 
lud been to the Hippadrome. One 
of the girls began to speak disparage 
io^ of religion. 

« The Corps Cadet, after this had 
Eone on for a little wh[Ie, feJt that 
bere iras an opportuoit}* for her to 
■witness tor God, and quietly but 
frmly declared that she was hap- 
pier than any one of the party, 
thoofb they bad b«en to a music 
hall And she to a prayer meeting. 

After speaking to tbe company in 
f:eneral, she addressed herself par- 
ticularlj to the girl who had been 
feoffing, and warned her that the 
time wonld surely cotne vhen she 
fV'Oiild realise her need of the Salva- 
tiili'a of God. 

The girl to whom the Corps Cadet 
thus spolce died very ^udd^nly only 
a fortnight later; and from her death 
bed sent. a. message to our comrade 
thanking her for dealing, so ^ith- 
fuQr Irish her in the ratlK'ay car- 
riage and statine that her words on 
that occasioii liad led her to give 
hecseif to God. and that. conH- 
quentljr, she was not afraid to meet 

Adjatant Reynolds, the Corps 
Commanding Officer, who has sent 
us_'tfae particiilais of Uits incident, 
states that Coiss Cadet Flonie Jef- 
taj, the comnde who spoke up so 
briTelT-iD tbe nilinjr cvria^^ fare 
hersfrlf to God daring Qie campa^ 
coad!*^tted by The Goteral in Exeter 
Uk Wbitsustide.— B^tish "Cry.* 

L For a greater, more definite 
tmst in God througfaAnt these teat- 
.ing times. . ' 

- 2. For a real reriral of rel^ioa 
.'thronghont th« Empire and the. 

3. That we may all !eam the les- 
'sons Our Lord would teach us in 
these war-time days. 

.4. For our dear Young People to 
have a clear understinding of Divine 
Xatc and Sal^'ation. 
' . 5. For all The Army's Leaders. 

6. For all who try to alleviate suf- 
Xeriog among our troops. 

-7.' For all who labour for the ■ 
Salvation of our troops. 

8L-For all who are [onely on »c-r 
count of separation from dear ones. 
. 9: Fo,r a' real' spirit otioyalty^not 
on|!\ to Empire, hut to all that is 
true and hoi} — to take poSSiSiOU 
of all Efearts , '' 

10 That thCt^nd o^strons drbk 

Queer Tilings That Are Sent 

to The Salvation Army 


((^ T OV woctd be surprised at 
^^T the things that are sent 
T in to us," ■ said Captain 
J^ Brans6cLd, and he started 
out by way jot preface- 
"artifical le^s, cats, dogs, skeletons, 
false teeth, aneesiral portraits, dia- 
mond pins, and aetuaUy the last 
thing of interest found here was the pccurrea 
diar>- of tbe physician who attended ^ll^J?!"^ 

"This physician was present at the 
time of h'vs assassination at Ford's 
Theatre in Washington. He syas the 
first to reach Lincoln's side after 

to The Salvation Army, mad as a 
hornet and shouting for his leg. He 
got his leg and stumped awjy to find 
a new hoarding house! 

Sends False Teeth by Mistake 

"Another episode almost as dis- 
tressing as the wooden leg incident 
occurred not long ago, A disturbed 
i up on the telephone one 
morning, and announced that hy 
mistake she had included her 
mother-in-law's false teeth in the 
bundle she had sent.Tbe Salvltion 
Army the day before. Her mother- 

i-iaw had discovered her I053 and 

shooting. In this dUry which ^^^^^ ,he daughter for the rais-. 

U°v!'t^^-.^f^^^rt^h'^^A^t\^^^ ^^^ «•''''=*' =»'= ^"°"y S"sP«ted to 

A lie or» P I have becrt a ptucticai joke. The 

daughter insisted on her innocence, 

but the mother-in-law was difficult 

hooks sent in to us here, he describes 
the assassination and gives an ac- 
count of the postmortem eicamina- 
tion, in which he^ took part.' The 
diary' >s now Id the museum at 

Wooden Leg Solves Frohlem 

to appease. 

"The Salvation Army Headquar- 
ters were turned upside down in the 
search for the missing teeth, which 
were 6naI1y found intact except for 
one molar, which had been broken 
off jhoft, and they were promptly 

leg, and that was sent to us out of returned to the indignant Owner.* 

It Is surprising, according to Cap- 
tain BraiisSeld, how many things 
are sent to The Salvation Army by 
mistake in this way, and no end of 
trouble is caused. Here are some of 
: instances that htrre occurred in 



spite! There was a woman w^ho 
kept a boarding house and she had a 
boarder who was objectionable to 
her in some way,^50 sht tried to get 
rid of him. She did ever>thing she 
could- thick of to make that boarder 
change his quarters, but tbe boarder 
sat tight. She told him to go. she 
tried to make the house uneomfort- 
able for him in all sorts of ways, but 
the boarder refused to budge. 

"Finally she hit on a scheme. Tht 
boarder had a u-ooden leg. In an other things intended for The Sal- 
unguarded moment, when he had ration Army, and the wagon nrnes 
taken the leg oK she carried it away it away. The mam returns to find 
and promptly called up The Sah'a- the dress suit gone. A terrible scene 
tion Army and asked the wagon to lakes place. ' The Salvation Army Is 
stop. When the wagon arrived she called- up and the dress suit found. 

man belongs to a_ fraternal 
Order and hires a dreSS suit to go to 
a banquet. His wife proeccding to 
clean the house next day. throws the 
bo?c containin}^ the hired suit in with 

handed over the wooden leg. 

"Soont of course, the boarder real- 
ized His loss and demanded bis l;g. 
He was informed by the landlady 
that his leg was at The Salvatic 

carefully laid away for tbe next 
minstrel show. 

An old church is being renovated. 
The painter, in clearing out cVcry- 
thiug-in the way of waste paper in- 

a™, .Headquarter aid JhSIfS ^^^''^J l^'e''^t'S?l,':"i,S"S: 
wauled it he would have to go and t„„r. „„„- ,i,,„ „ ».,.„j_^ ^a,™- 

f^t,-h in,T^ K... .u-* „u.* tj back more than a hucdped years. 

When the loss- is discovered the con- 

fetcfa it himself, but that she would 
provide a cab to take him. 

"The boarder realieed at last that 
lie was outwitted He allowed tJie 
coacboiaQ to help him to the ch, 
heard the door of his boarding house 
bang behind .him forever, and ro 1e 

stemation is terrific, hut the records 
are reposing safely at The Army 

. She Sends Wrong Boic 
- A bdy In going over her ward- 

Hie Praying League 

may be speedily banished from our 

II. For Tbe Satvation Army Social 
Service Legion in their beautiful 
BLtnistry for tbe dear ones related 
10 Our troops.' 

Ronie Dattjr Readings 

MONDAY— 1 Kings 18:13-29. Eli- 
jah's Challenge. 

TUESDAY— 1 Kings IS.'SO-S?. Eli- 
jah and the Prophets of BaaL " 

WEDNESDAY— I Kings 13:4l-4&-- 
The Drought Retiered. 

THURSO AY-^James 5:12.20.- Eli- ' 
jah a Man oif Prayer. 

FRIDAY— Psalm 18:6-17. God's 
Approach in the Storm^ 

SATURDAY — Exodus 19:16-25. 
The Flame from Smai 

SUNDAY— Hel)re«5 12-18-29 The 

, Flime from Jhe„Hfarenly Jcm- 


God^S loving band hath set with 

gems of peace 
Each day to come; He bids thy 

. heart to cease 
From anxious care about to-mor- 
■ row's need- 

For evermore "At Home," Ah! 

sweetest theme 
Of alL When suffering and trial 
' ' ,seem ' 
Thy heart to crush — remember, and 

"be stilL" 

The tender Shepherd never &il5 to 

■ lead • . '■ ■ 

His faltering" sheepr till safe within 

the fold, 
The trembling one nQ longer needs 
to hold. " f 

Brother Pever 

This comrade, who Uves eighty 
miles from Sudbury, the nearest 
Army Corps, was recently enrolled 
as a Soldier. He has enlisted ia the 
155th Battalion. 

rotJc fills one box with dollies for 
Tbe Salvation Army and udtbcr 
box with (T-esses to go to theeleani 
er's. . In one of the dresses in the 
cleaner's box is left hy mistake a' 
valuable diamond pin. The bmei 
get mixed, and each goes to the" 
Other's destination. The Salratioii 
Army receiving- the box of evening 
gowns and the diamond pin. 

Now, evening gowns arc no rarity 
to The 'Salvation Army; It reccIVs 
many such' and knows how lo make 
^good use of th™, but dlstfload pini 
.do not come its way evcty day. 
However, in this case, the box Lad 
not even been opened when the ter< 
ri6ed owner of the pin telephoned, 
and dress and pin were returned 

The Salvation Army has loraed 
hy experience ihac mistakes ^re 
likely to be made, and makes it t 
point not to dispose of things loo 

- But the people with whoia Cap- 
tain Bransfield has no patience art 
thosc'^who trj- to make a .cgiiyeiH 
cnce CKt of The Salvation Ansy 

There was, for instance, a lady 
who called np, saying that sh? hAd 
a number of things in her cdlar For 
The Army. WHen the driver stop- 
ped there he found her celbrfullof 
hrieks and rcfased to move them. 
The lady was irate. "They are per 
fectly good bricks," she dcdand 

Then there was a man via prC' 
taced his remarks by saying be bad 
never passed a tambourine without 
putting something in ir, and then 
summoned The Army to cut op and 
carry away a rotten tree chat had 
fallen across his road. 

A Perfectly Good Skrieton 

One day The Army Headquarlert 
(Concluded on Page IS) 

Afay iindsrftand the beauty of tliE 

The Thytmn of the soft'wndi 

The sun and shadow of the htOM ^ 

And Thy great love ihat dwells a 


A Piaj*r for the Dnmkanl 
O gracious God. we cr>- io Thee 
upon bcbalt of the victims of itroDg 
drink. Yielding to the temptations 
that everj-wbere abound, ttcy hart 
become enslaved, and with meotai 
and spiritual senses bcnumbed,infy 
live in disregard of the ebinu «{ 
family, of'the communiq-, and <« 
Thj-selr. Deepen our syrapa!h;'ffHli 
them, and specially in-'lp "* '"^"' 
endeavour to lead thtm to Tn"' 
who canst destroy the appetite lU* 
enthrals them. And we prsf ,/"*' 
BO Mimulate the purpo-iff of all wM 
desire the welfare of t>-e peop'etw 
they Vrilt never rest till thia t^'^ij; 
righteousness is enttrel? dfcstwpa. 
For Jcius Chrtot's sake ^ai'^ 

Self-Denial Ihgadiering 


other comradta, Sisters .Marchand 
and Coles, after smashing their tdr- 
gels, volunteered to collect Mrs: 
Captain Woolcott's, who was un- 
able to do licr share on account of 

dl-hcalth The Scouts were given a 

Over $500 IncreaK on Lut Vear target of $25, but this amount was 
collected by one of their number, 


At Prince Edward Island 

ThL Self-Denial Ingathering of the 
Training College Division was most 
enthusiastic. Tb* Parlijiment Street 
Citadel was filled with Spldiers and 

Brigadier Bell, supported by Bri- 
gadier Phillips, conducted the pro- 
ceedings, and the Yorkville and 
Chester Bands aiid Chester Song- _ 
sicrs supplied the music. The Bugle 
Bind of the Yorkville Life-Saving 

Carl Richards Another^ John War- 
mington. raised ¥20.75. All of them 
did splendid. 

After the Captain ha(L.sp£iVen, the 
Yorkville Life-Saving Scouts' Bugle 
Band, consisting of seven biiplcrs 
loiJ^^J ^m"C"' -f^-'^^'tu '^''-^f the Strongholds of sin, as" 

when the Brigadier announced comrade. Sister Ellis, 


IT is a long trip from Toronto to 
Prince Edward Island, but when 
the Commissioner stepped ont,o 
the platform in the Charlottetown 
Citadel on Saturday' sight, he 

the returns of the "Home" Corps- 

Scouts and a -detachment of the Parliament Street— needless to say, 

Chester Life-Saving Guards radiat- - , ., ■ 

ed fervour. 

The audience was in high spirits, 
They had reason, for the Division 

small as tt is, had raised $2,69579, an 
increase of SSlO.16 on last year, 

"In spite of all the collecting that 
has taken place in the city recently, 
y/i have' achieved a great victory,'" 
Said Brigadier Bell, the Training 
College Principal. "The women have 
taiicn a large share in the business. 

great wave of enthusiasm passed 
over "Dad" Scott, and he could not 
refrain from giving vent lo a loud 
"Praise Godl" "Dad," hy the way, 
raised in the vicinity of $35, and is ' 
a B. E. The Young People a1 this 
Corps raised $4&.53, and the Seniors, 
$320.47; total, $370; increase on last 
year of $30. ' 

Captain Bobbitt came in for her 

oi the cheering, and siaied Leader on his first visit to the Is- 
that aUhOugh her target was smaller land. Envoy Squarcbriggs and En- 

feeble to indicate the impressi^ 
has made oh our minds. It can* 
be bounded on the North by] 
Northern Star, on the South b^ 
_ , Southern Cross, and on the V 

fresh and ^iixious to ;$torm by the Judgment Day, "You I _j .!_ .. given us a wider idea of what 

Salvation Army is doing throi 
ciit the eivilized and uncivil 
world, and I 3m sure that the v 
ofThe Army will, at the end ot i 
come second to none, save only 
woilc done by the Master VV 
they follow." He then paid a ^\ 
tribute to ihe work carried on b} 
local Corps and The Arm} thro j 
out the Island. 

On behalf of the local C( 
Major Barr thanked the Hon 
MctCinnon for his able prcsid,' 
over the gathering. 

At night the meeting' vas 3i 
held in the ^tnrket Hall, ^hct 
good CroTvd gathered. Very 

- totally 
blind. Brigadier Green sang to her, 
and the Commissioner had a heart- 
to-heart talk, and then prayed with 
our comrade. As an outcome of the 
visit Sister Ellis stated she was much 
blessed, and expressed her great 
pleasure of the Commissioner's 
thoughtfulness in paying the visit. 
The Commissioner conducted a 
Soldiers' and Friends' Meeting on 
Saturday nighij at which a goodly 
number turned out to welcome our 

some of the sign Galway (the C O.), in well- cstly Brigadier Green pr^ytd 

. it had been chosen words^ on behalf of the 
collected in five and Corps,. welcomed the Commissioner. 


icn cent pieces from Earnestly the Commissioner eic- 

the people in whose horted the comrades to unite with 

mid-it Lienlenant C. him in praying that God would be 

Coule aud herself near throughout the visit, and that 

laboured. One dear (he outcome of the same might be exhorted the people I1 

comrade, Sistor Jef- productive of much good to the selves to hear Christ knocki 

to the midi 
the assembled crowd, and tl z 
the instrumentality of the Com 
siouer manifest Himself to th'- 


fries, was an invalid, people of the Island, dearly he de- 

and yet had smashed fined the way of .Salvation, and how 
it was possible to he free from sin. 
Holiness was the theme for Sun- 
day morning. In accordance with 
his usual custom, the Commissiontr 
lor a few minutes addressed himself 

to the children, who appeared to be ^ _^ _ _ 

exceedingly interested. Then the dollars being eontributed. The C 
„ . _. t_- .«v_ -i-.M . 'on^^ a|5o iQid some intcrc" 

', and to open 
let him in. After a hard fo 
prayer meeting eight souls -o 
and found the Saviour. 

Before dosing the week-end < 
p.-iign the Comtnissioner msd'' 
appeal for money for t "^ f 
People's Library; 

her target. Another, 
Sislcr Hanson, don- 
bled her target, but is 
nou laid as[dc seri- 
ously ill. 

The last Corps on 
the list was Chester, 

the one Corps in the Commissioner spoke on "Ye shall 
Division wliich has receive power." Diligently he striv- 
secured the B. E. To ^j to point out the necessity of hav- 
secure a thirty-seven Jng this power^ making it very clear 
per cent, increase on last year's nj^t to obtain it a complete sever- 
araount was undoubtedly a great ahee from the world was necessary. 

accomplishment. The Young People There were 5ve seekers, „_„ , 

raised $!M.48, which includes the On Sunday afternoon in the Mar- ^ magnificent crowd gathered 
Scoujs, $168^, and Guards, $35.60 ^ ^et Hatl a splendid crowd gathered ther in the Presbyterian Ct. 
Seniors, $319.52; total, $16; an in- t^ publicly welcome tbe Commis- loaned for the occasion. The 
crease of $140. sioner. The Chairman, M. McKin- Mr, Ackland involted the D 

Captain Wilson, the Officer _in " non. Acting Premier and Minister blessing on the gathering, 

stories of the work being accf 
lished by the Young People 01 
Salvation Army throughout 

The last meeting on the I 
was conducted at Summer idt 

Captain Bow'ck (centre) of Hespder, with Set' 
geant^Ue^OT Gihlen ileSt) and Trcaa. ArmBtrong, 
who'^d qilendidly for Sclf-Dcnial. 

and tlie Young People have splen- 
didly come to tbe front. I cannot 
cay more than 'a beany, sincere 
'Thank you,' to every comrade who 
has taken part." .' 

The Brigadier then proceeded to 
read the results ofeach Corps, the 

first on the list being East Toronto. ^ , 

The Juniors raised ^, $28 of which charge, personally coilected $146,98, of Agriculture, in his address, spoke The "chair was taken by 
was secured by the Guards. The and is entitled to the B. E. The as follows:— ' . . Saundersy Esq., M.P.P., «ho - >(ed 

™ . . *— - ,- Captain and his wife, like their com- "We are favoured by a visit from that it was a very great pleaiur or 

rade-Officers, received an ovation. Commissioner Richards, and the hjni to welcome the Commissi icr 
In the course of- his remarks, the good audience here is an evidence on behaUof the town, "The C i>- 
Captain referred to Brigadier Bell's of the appreciation of the good work msloner is a clear, logical, and n- 
ighter, who had secured $25. The of The Salvation Army. We give- vlncing speaker, and I hav'< 

Scuiora $147.69. ToUt $233.69; an 
increase of $33.19 on last year^G 
effort. Congratulations, Captaiu 
and Mrs. Bosherl 
The Rhodes Avenue Corps' figures 

were next announced. Juniors, $75; total amount raised by the Briga- the Commissioner a personal wet- lar respect tor The Salvation t 

Seniors, $230; total, ^5; au in- diCr*s family, who are SoldlvTS at come as a gentleman of wide expert- beeause of the manner in ^^hlCh 

CTeaseof$40, ThisisthececondSelf- Chester, was $64.65. "Each and ence and great ability. We also get into touch with those who r 

Denial Captain and Mrs. Taylor every one had rallied to his assist- welcome him as a distingmshed Of- ne^d them." 

have undertdcen here. 

Then Brigadier Bell referred to 
the Yorkville Corps' great achieve- 
ment, which, considerittg *he times, 
was very renurkable. Young People, 
$245.41, which includes the Scouts, 
$109.21, and Guards, $28.07; Seiliors, 
$654.59; total $900; increase on last 
year of $125, and an increase on 
1914 of $410, 

It was some time before Captam 
Woolcott, who has thus distinguish- 
ed himself, could obtain a hearing, 
for tbe enthusiasm literally rose to 
boiling pitch, when he was asked to 
address the audience. In a few, 
brief words, the Captain thanked hiS 
Soldiers and those who had a<isisted 
him At tbe beginning of the nifort 
m-iny people came to him and said, 
lite high level mark had been 
readied last ycar^ , bat he made the 
matter one of prayer, and God had 
Riven hjs Corps tjie -victory The 
^ iji made pdrticu'ar mention of 
es Jctrvifis who pcrbonally col" 
1 $2(K) and has thus secured the 
He also made reference to 
Stuart 11 Hecniitj who "bad 


ance'"' concluded the Captain. fieer of the great Organization x^e Commissioner, amid 

Said the Brigadier: "The Cadets whose work time cannot ivjpe out, applause, then addressed the r cl- 

have done their share, having col- and as the superior Officer of the Jng^ telling of the great work tto 

kcted $371.10: an increase of $1-11.99 Organization which has done much Army is doing, spiritual^ arc o- 

^r, h'it upar Th«^ thtnl amount Pood work in this City. Ihaycmuch cialty. in this and other coun ics, 

on last year. 

collected by the Young People in 
the. Division was $652.42, a remark- 
*able increase On last year $280.67." 

pleasure in introducing Commis- and explaining that it was the '« 

Bondeman Jams 
A VorkviDe comrade i^tio 15 a B 

sjoner Richards to you, 

The Commissioner thanked the 
Chairman for the warm words of 
welcome, and proceeded 10 enlighten 
his audience with a supply of woii- 
dcrftl information ;is to the work 
of Tl e Army, and as to his doc- 
trines and the future of our work. ,_.^ ^ __ „ 

The next speaker. James Paton, able insight into the work of 
M PJ*., stated that it was a pleasure Army. 

to be present, and that there was no The vote was seconded by 
institution in the world that had Mr. Ackland, of the, Meth 
done so much good throughout the Church, and carried by the cd 
world and he hid liccn round the gition tinanimously 
best part of it "kiid had never bicn \t Charlottetown the Co 

able to get clear of The ^rmy I 
WIS with much pies'! ire ihar he pro 
posed a hearty \ote ol thanks to ihi 

Th s i%as seconded bi T ) \'t!>i 
Esq, Editor of the IsUiid Pat: 

and power of God which e 

the fundamentals of The Arn 


A vote of thanVs was propose 
the Kev. Itfr. Eraser, Pastor ot 
Church, who stated that the en 
and clearness of Ihe speaker 
helped all present to get a rer 

ner WIS ably assisted b\ Bn^ r 
Ureen "Major Barr, and Ensigi id 
Mrs Galway, the Corps Ofticcr 

At Summerside the visiting ( ic- 
j:rs assisted and Ciptain CiDsor ind 
Lieutenant Bowy*.r workeu 1 ai 1 ' 

who Gpqki; as a yepTcafentatiVe ol the make the ^ visit t^ie Rreat su''t:c» 
'Press ' I do not Imow how lo de- which it was C^iptam and Mrs. 

n ;ucccȣu] m raisir^ $33 ,TnO i^Xi this ycoTt 

b lie collected $137 last year ani^ scrthe the Commisstoner s address. Major ai^d. a number oE coiiira^ 

and any Tjordjtof nunewDntd hctoo frota Alhcr^on were fttsa pifes^^^ , 

THE WiSdK^aiY - 

The Salvalion Amiy m 


trdmnes, for a paltn'fi«cent3{Lt, 
2j-4C Canadian money). A3 tniy b« 
cipecred. the domestic and moral 
condiifon oi these ptap\t is de- 

All the cities of China, aS well ai 
the cijun;i>' districts, abound u-ith 
htfaihrn templci, where innumeriMe' 
gods of all kinds are worshipped by 
the millions oi China. 

The teatimonv of alt missionaries 
here 15. that ic i* vci>- difficult to get 
into touch with the home life of the 
Chinese, particularly with the wo- 
men, who are ver>' limidand ^ghl 
sbjf 01 foreigners, and it ia rarely 
that the women admit foreigners 
into thtir homes. 

In tHiS matter, howerer, we hare 
been ven" f onunite ; we have shown 
a great interest in the children, and 
Mrs. Chard, with'one or two or the 
other Officers, have been welcomed 
into the homes ot several oi the 
nei^bouring Chinese. On these 
occasion? the women (sometimes a. 
dozen at & time) Have crowded 
ronnd oar ladies, invited them into 
"best" room, and showTi llii 

IK a ver>- imcft^tr:?- ttjmmuQica- 
liOD, 5iati-Captiin Chara. of the 
Chiia Pionesr Part; m Peking, 

Ie mav be oi intertsc tn yon to 
kao-K thai'from lim* W time we are 
askvd 10 condLict and lat* pjrt in 
Ch:::e£e metiing* a?$ociated with 
other mission? in this city. For in- 
stants. l3£t Sucday evsning 1 v-tiS 
iDvi:ed to conduct a meeting at what 
may be oiled a i^ircet cbapel. Here 
meetings are cutiducted from two 
o'clock in the astcmoon till about 
Titne-tfainy in the evening, practical- 
ly w-rttoat a hrrak; the streets out- 
side are thronged with thousands of 
people,' as husj- as can be (for there 
is no Sabbath in China), and the 
cbapti is tept filled thoroughly by 
people Tvho coise and go when they 

Tne chapel barely seats three hun- 
dred ET.d 5f\y. but during theeoursc 
ot my Service, which lasted from 
szrai o'clock till nine o'ctock. IhCTC 
wcre.inim fotir faandred and ^hy 
men cmwdtng in. (Women do not 
atteod these seri-ices.) They listened 

Stndy witli Chiocsc Tcsdicre 

on the'number of 'cScicnt'Sal¥3tion 
Army Chinese Officers we are able 
to raise. 

Coloticl Rothwell and 'Brigadier 
Salter bSTt been travelling exten- 
sively throughout^lhe coufltrv, — R, 
E. Chard. 


nipsi attentively to the Gospel utmost pleasure uid apprectation at 

triitlis. Possiblj-a thtrdot the nom- 
her were frequenters of the Hall and 
familiar Trith Salvation 4eachinjs; 
but the reraatndet "w*re entirely 
ignoraatof true reHgion, being en- 

being risited. as well as interest at 
wfiat w=s said lo them. They have 
discussed their tamily affairs with 
readiness and freedom, and have 
with joy dnnt tn the words spoken 

tifely heatbeii, as atsots almost the 
esiire Ksmmtuuty. The 4ernce was 
gr&t]y appreciated by all present. 
Adjataxif Briner . accompanied me, 
and w>c -trere warmly invited to fame 
again. ; Afnrther ri^t was arranged 
on ihc spot. '. , 

Generatiy th\ siogiii^ if tiot eaod • 
the Chinese ha^in^^ no natara] idea 
of muEic Or of sin^n^. anifit is our 
intentioc a~t our next meeting ID 
take OCT Instruments irith as. and 
make a special effort in the direc'^ 
tlon of singing. The Army's rneih* 
ods arid customs take on tremea- 
dotislyj and the variety and life ia 
OUT meetings ions aa attractive 

.\Vc liave had the utmost kindness 
arid mlerest shown us hy other mis- 
sionaries and Christian workers-who 
extend to-115 a most hearty wdcome. 
The OTPorlccitiiTJ for work arc 50 
tremeiifions. that :here t» room for 
'all. In Peking;, it ;> e^tunated that 
there stre oeariy three million souls; 
fuUy-'two^thirds oi this niinher lire 
a'lBO^t miserable existence, and lo3 
like slaves ifOffi the %cr-i cirh morn- 
ing tJ! ate at nigtt n- a p-Itry pit- 

For Tistantre id Peking there are 
aver I60,fi00 registered nekshas atnl 
coolie -pttUeis. These isen wbo an 
ttl the *bwfest diss, fave toJt^<&«&- 

— with So mdch dScaJty— iy ie 

Being^ hampered vit&.t±ie lasgK^ge 
is. 01 course, a ^reat dffietlty. J2t 
when the langnagc is o^oe •sa^er-d, 
there will be an opes daar far use- 
fulness iti this directiorL We attiad 
a tankage School e^cTi morain^ a^d 
in the afternoons and evesiegs we 
have 3 nomber or Chinese teach^tre 
at ouv compound for prtvate stndy 
and tuition, 

SJrJv" Chard has h«n in-rrtrd to 
lecitire the ■'Baifr-Reading Wnaleo*' 
at a College in the Korth of Peking 
where there are a lar^ number of 
Chinese women undergoing a cou'^« 
of fo^r years' tnining- as Bihle read 
cr3 and visiiori. Mrs. Chard is to 
Ifciure on "Stisstonary- Work in 
Sonth .Africa," arl there is every 
in'diration that an interesting and 
'proGtable time will he spent- 
Most of the evangelrslng work is 
done by Chinese lalmsters and 
vorkerSf very little preaching being 
done br Eoropeans^ And wbt'e fa>- 
"ttgtiers art n«wsan" to cotitrol and 
l^idc in mtSSiOnaj^ work it is evi- 
dent that the evarcreluation of 
Cfiina IQU t be accotaphshed b\ *be 
Chme^e themselie^ Oi m f^ tr-^m 
thae to time other O^—r «lf 
have to he sent out from Fj-r' n 
cAnntn^. bottfaebaoeof our \"nv 

Somewhere in Fra.nee, 
Dear Sir. — 1 thought out of appre- 
ciation for the thoughnulness and 
kindness of Captain Parsons, or 
\ erdun (Montreal), in sending one 
hnndred Easter "War Crs-s" to the 
haitletront, that a message from the 
treneheswonld be appropriate. 

Cs fellows out here- do not know, 
how hest to e?cpre5& our thanks for 
«uch a^ great kindness, but we can' 
assure you at least it won't be for- 
Eoctf r. and we hope to tivc through 
the var to renav vou somehow or 

My I?3::i:;or< went into :he 
ferches l^si October, atid days and 
weeks a::il nsonths have parsed al- 
"3ofJ ;.'ike to orie artother. except 
"cr dl'fereEee oi weather. lo a sense 
(TarJsnsas arvd Easter were all one 
TO us. I happet:£d to be io the iron: 
uszf OS Eia^te!' Siiniby raomin^.'and 
1 did l^ok hsck. r^o doubt, to other 
Hasters spe=t~ cinder mcch better' 
C[Te=ast2=cei .At Z im. we eoi:ld 
fceaj" the Genaari? singing. I sappose, 
so^ie Easter mssic as wc were with- 
in speakrog diitatet almost alt the 

We tmst that before long this 
horrible, war wiS be ended, and that 
□ea Easter at TeasL onds ns "^From 
Trenches to — wherever "oar^hnmes 
are." Facs quiie.midl jost n^-. al- 
-tfcongb^Satdy I" vfss slightly Ground- 
ed .■witir shrapnel irrthe left thigh, 
bet the wdssd has ^idciiciuy hcdi- 
ed all Bp BOW Hcavr losses have 
befallen et battalion, no' mo-e than 
or sat qaite ODC-ihird ot the ongi 
nal bojs are leit. The bois who 

were with os, belonging lo the dif- 
ferent Corps, are all siill aliv-c 

I have not seen aoything^ lo rt- 
mind me of The Salvation Army 
since I left England, about nioe 
months ago. Of-.eouTse, we miss the 
meetings, etc, especially when wt 
read ahout^ it in the "Cry." Itj 
mbnths'since I have crcn been to a 
Divine service^ as 1 practicaljv Im 
most of Thy limein or near the front 
line,, as iiyring the last twu" mofltlu 
I have been attached to Ihe'R, £. 
—mining, ubder tHe 'German linu, 
and will.betiU further orders bnt 
win eventu&lly return to my batta- 
tioQ. ^ad tore-addre^s the "CfrV 
loPrirate Gawston for re-^tsinbu* 
'.tion siiicc I .was aH-ayfrom the bat- 

I just rhought'those who so kind 
ly contributed to the different con 
signmcnts to~ the boys at the front 
would Iike.-Jn'way of receipt, to hear i 
that at least our hundred from Cap- 
Lvn Parsons, etc.^arrived at! ngbi 
on May i3th. Siheerest re^rj? 
Remaining, sincerely your?.— AnguS 


Over Foot Hundred Dollars' Raisd 
—Increase pt Forty Per Cent. 

The Self-Deniit Effort at Port 
Arthur v^-a* brought to a'successfaL 
finish- on Sunday. 'Our target of 
two hundred arid eighly-Svc di>ll^n 
was smashed, and over four hundred _ 
'was raised, thus we are a B E. 

,AU comrades worked hard ami 
did well. Over ninety per cent p«^ 
their tartets. Treasurer Shcppard 
[ed as 'the indiviaual Local OSicer, 
with $100. Tht Juniors and theEr 
Wortere did $176, which i."- Jlf'loTtr 
last year. 

Our Altar Services at eleven ata, 
for the Seniors and at three p.m ioi 
the children were a succe God 
wondertnlly helped cs in gi^nt; dol- 
lars and hlessing Oar Sotderj are 
O EL— BosyBee^ 

£!vea-^ VFessiLa 

rnci WAK CK'K 




"Sorrow like yours can only be 
healed by our dear Saviour. We 
have proved Hie power and love 
in our griefs and losses^ will you 
take Him to-night as yours? He ' 
will save and guide and keep ypu 
if you willlet.Him. 

riip above appropriate' and touch- 
tnt nuissagc from The General was 
rend Lu ihti 500 war widowit atid be- 
reaved molbcrs who assembled for a 
tea and mcctinB- at the Cambcrwcll 
mil, London (-Eng.)- It was re- 
ceived with many .man[fcstatioii5 of 
appreciation on 'the 'part of the wo- 
men — more, by their silent looks and 
t^r-dimmcd *ye3 than -by their 
vigorous applause'. For they had 
indeed sorrowed, about" 240 o^them 
■were widows ,— sotne looked little 
more than girls— ^and' the remainder 
^ere mothers wh''o had lost one or 
more sons in the war! No wonder. 
tbeiir that sorrotv-ifilltd eyes looked 
up to ^[^s. Comriiissioner Higgins as 
she read TIleGeneral's thoughtfnl . 
mesFnge. / - . 

Mrs. Hiffffins, in a Sympathetic 
address, lemindcd the 'women th.-it 
tl ey would always find The Salva- 
tion Army ready to help tnem in 
their difficulti^:- Shir also invited 
them to become hicmbcrs of the 
Corp^' Home Lcagnc, and a number 
expressed their desire to do so.-. 


AtnonE 'ihe^ war rcfngei^. ■in -the 
■City of PctrOgradr' aS well aS among 
the children of rcservJStSi' and Other 
soldiers of tht Tsar, Salvation Army- 
Officers are working with' great de- 

Concerning thVTei«E*==3, Adjutant 
Boijo" says thai when they arrived 
in Petrogrr^d ttiey were- in an ck- 
Iremcly dcspcnte condition- some 
of th m ciiiid from districts where 
til conditions of ijfe were most 
'pnmitive — so much so t^at -^hen a 
ivoinin was gi\en a broom she gazed 
at it hclple^sl^ not knowing uhat 
it ms for" 

MtLtinps arc held for the refutieei 
■on Sundays and certain week dayi^ 
Tl L (. f^thcring-i ire proviiii; ver> 
1iol[iiii1 tn tho'ie '^vhn ittend them 

Tour Ofhcerq attached to the Slum 
Settlement are occupied dunnF; part 
■of their time m providing food eaeli 
dl^ for about one hundred rescr- 
"M t-^ Wives and childten who are 
Itccommc mare and more ittached 
to thL Ofticers The women folk 
■come seeking help and guidincc- in 
itun% mntters not the lea'^C being 
tint of letter ivntinf^ atad man) 
eitlumnstic me^iage^ Arc s^nt lo 
thwr husbands who are away in ihi; 
tj,htinp line 

I ist >ear a summer roteny ftas 
1>roui;ht into Ivt^in? and over ono 
S]uii(Jr<,dxhil(Ireii of Russian soklicrs 
Ttet-t. taken to the -colony for sit 

V eci<s It IS aitUatfed oxr the Tinnish 
border And t'le i£htblrcn were-~car- 

V ltd oil the State -ailvtfay to and 
■from the iwlonv free- of diarge 

AMicnHlrc little ones edme back 
■some of the Ti«nthci^ cotild hardly 
Tccogmze 6hitn**t^9y had ehaiiged 
w mtieh frrihp Wtcr 

■ h" It t - J 



Heroes All Three— A Military Cross and Two D CM 'c Between Them 

Distinguished New Zcalandcrs from Gallipoh, In the centre ta Cap- 
tain Grcchii (of The Salvation Army), who won 'the Military Cross with 
the New Zealand Forces, On the' right is Lancc-Corporal Fear of Oie 
Wellington Rifles, and on the left Is Sapper Watson, who both obtained 
the Distinguished Conduct Medal at GalHpoli. 

OHcl Laurie arranged to take it over. 
Furthermore, two refreshment 
halls have been erected on the works, 
where suitable meals are provided 
at reasonable prices to the work- 
men. When completed the scheme 
will enable us to provide sleeping ac- 
commodation for fi'i'e hundred men, 
and undertake catering for about a 
thousand ^vOrkerS. It b being man' 
aged bv Major JesSe Smith, of Birm- 
Ingham. A large sehool also pro- 
vides a home for fifty workers. 



"E>a.ctty twenLy-SLK years ago Tlie 
Array was lorn ^t\ the Argentine 
Republic, or rtither a smnll band of 
willing workers landed amongst iii> 
wLth the full determination that the 
cry must be forward," says "The 
Standard," Buenos Ayres. 

"That The Salvation Army has 
justified its Gxistcnce with us has 
been fuljy demonstrated, and many 
men iiVd women^^an .truthfully 'say 
that they owe a very big something 
— ^ikind of Christian,- yet human, 
lifting' of themselves— to the splen- 
did work done' by The Army.". 

Commenting, nt the anniversary 
gatherihg in Buenos Ayres, upon the 
progress made. Colonel Paltner espe- 
cially, referre J to the extensive So- 
cial' operations in the city. 

Searching inquiry is being made 
by our comrades into the cause of 
unemployment, poverty, and miseri' 
so prevalent in Buenos Ayres- with a 
view to limiting indiscriminate char^ 
it> which runs waste Jiid produees 
no peiiniiient results 

It IS auticipited that the recent 
drfnitL offer mide b> the Colonel 
to co-opLntL with > the National 
Ciovcrnmrnt in dtihng witli prison 
erg \vilt hear good fruit 




Vive hundred housed at 

An iiitercstuig developmLnt of 
The Army :> adi^uic for providing 
for tlic needs nf mi.ii ^.rit^aged on 
tiitinnsi work !■*■ taking plTfie- at 
Covtntr> (Ftti;1aiid) whLJL in addi 
tton to othLr bnilc]u)g'; a lirgL ind 
Wf-II equipped Poor Lxyt Lnstitiitmn 
13 D->iiiff plact-d at our d sposil for 
the mxt four months 

An appci^ was madeLto the Hoard 
of Guardians by the: Leading firm of 
GoVetument Contractor!* a^^kitig 
-thftnt; on pntr otic ghitnidfr to ^rat^t 
Che xest of thc^IlistiCUtidu to- hauire 
the- workiiii>a sn^g^ed Upe» the cort- 
structioH of ne.w battontkhfAttones 
ui^lhe Jtsttrct Ihe'fimr reinforced 
itff^i^ipcal b^^se^tia^ihat 'rbe Insti- 
tution wffuUt b« iti?d9i"thceoiArot of 

A "Convalescent soldier home 
from Galhpoli" writes in gratefnl 
praise of the good work which is 
being carried On -at The •tiaU-ation 
Army's Navul and MilUatT Home at 
Malta. He Says: — , 

"ft was my privilege to vfsit the 
Home on several occasions while I 
was in hospital at Malta for a month,, 
on my way. home from the'Darda- . 
ncllcs. -Adjutant and Mrs. Martin 
and their assistants are ihdefatlgable 
in their minv taboiirs on hchalf of 
the Service men both nivil iiid 
military who from time to nmc\i-<it 
the island nor do the\ forget the, 
men of the mercantile mirine ind 
cspeenlli shipwrecked or distressed 

I \\'as entcrlaincd on one oeca 

siou ilong with forty other ^\ound 
cd nldiera to tei at the Home 

All OfTie r"; Pible CIi^s i held 
on Sundv iftornoons and at night 
there IS -v real Salvation mocting at 
which m^n have bctn zetting con 
verted "Minv ? hd on the sea^ 
thmks kiiidK of oitr Valta SaK-i 
tiou \rm^ mother the M-oman with 
BcRliI' iM<;cribeii across herapron 
bib F\ rvthing is real ar the Ni\al 
and Mihtar\ Homt- 

To (he DniHli War Cr» ' .'\d]n- 
inut licol) Cttri^ttii^ tl o( Reyk- 
jimI, IcUiiid (uhich 1= 1 eluded In 
iHl Diiiih K-riior'. cjniTiindcd 
\\ Coiiimi^iouLr Mrs Bnoth-Hell- 
1 trgl comnliiiti.-t iii ii^it-Tti-ins «1«- 
bcriimnii OI I tour hi. made recently. 
Lion n.achms the E aroc Is- 
land Ik MuiL * I found s 
Chn liaii fri..nd- in Thorsham ^ ^ 
ire CTgcrh and hopCfjIK uiii .j 
lor the id^ciit oi Tne SaKi' i 
/rmv to thL e Nand^ 

Fveniinll't we made the COis A 
Icelrud ind stopptd it Sevdisij tl, 
where 1 had the opporiur.Uy of v it- 
in? the Officers* Quarters. Ctp in 
Thfvr^-ahlsen was away on t ur, 
travelling by means of long woo Icn 
snov;-shocs, and selling "War Crvs' 
as he went. I was able lo have s le 
conversation with Mrs. Thoriald n 
Even whilst partaking of a me I 
■was obliged lo keep on my fi-r i it 
and black leather mittens, and [ J.d 
Tee on my moustache! 

"1 rejoined the vessel, and a icr 
Several days' further sailing ac 
arrived at Reykjavik. The ^ iff 
Band here consists simply of ir 
brass instriimtncs and a big dr ti 
It assisted, however, in the u jal 
winter Appeal. The rcS«Us ^ .-ro 
about double those of la&t "^ tr. 
Sonic 130 new garments ha^e I en 
. given out to poor children il >«t 
1^400 people have taken part in the 
meetings recently, 812 cups oj 
. eoffee and cocoa have been se vcd 
from The Army's kitcheo4.and, st 
of all, six young men and two ^o- 
ceit have given their hearts to Gil" 


Addresses Meeting in aji Army Hall 

•■ Mr r SciT who IS -1 son .oE Dr 
Sitn Yat *;i:n th(* firnt PrTi-n^em of 
tliL Chincii. R^pHh^tc aftd 
1 \e>v prom-neoi- man an»ng> the- 
Chuic<« of AiRPtoCi, -iddressed the-i 
meeting in ftttf ChxH^e- Hall *^n 
Francjbco on a. recent SiHiday Bro- 
ther Seir wair eofl^Ttted swtt* years 
agOrat-lhe^Sahration Amrr Gofpi- 
c!rUi«.^3kK»i ^ SSsHf^ '^fn'aas.aild*' 
> —1*. ti^* J tt**ttL r »(ipa "nsraiS 
"•nlicTT. jc-*' '.-2"- ic-^ W~*^ , 
Tar''t; o* V"* "■*«*•"*■ *' i ' 





TheWjlliam Booth MemOnatrye 
Hospital in Java is built upon Oi* of 
the Tiills siirrouhditig the lotcimc 
mountains that stretch righ' acoss 
the centre of the country (\\ritLS ' 
Mrs Staff Caplain W tile) Thi. dis- 
tance from the Hospital to the t wn 
of Scmirang is about one mile Tl e 
Hospital Is built im ihc pavtl on-^y^ 
tern n a cur\c round about the neif 
asphalt road 

1 ha»e no slati<;tics at land out ^ 
as there are places for ncarK ni uly 
patients ift^ide- just a:, manj pa-*. 
iienis from outside viho daily l >rae 
for treitment— v^e can get in "lea. ^ 
of thL CKtent of the i^ork ^vhirh tft 
earned on i. j e j 

"*V)m^ time luo my husband lonnd 
tl -^i a total of 22<) operatioti^ were 
watcm^T for treatment, and he was ~ 
nearK m despair because at that 
time ue worked with rnsafF icnt 
ab'^i tatiK Now w-^e ha%e fJ-o "^ *es 
rbesidcs the !:tvane!.e hclperi) ao 
OFhccr ftiT the housekeepng the 
AdministTitor and his v fe 

Naturally hi>-ft«vtr tht hei fc.t 
part q£ the work tests on the -ail 
floctor "and jcauld not be act im- 
plishqd b^ othu9 even if tier<- ^Tn 
cvfT so many -assisUnts Theru in, 
h^^^ allw:^\5 <Herworked and n ■■ds 
the prayers of du^ cotnntdei B t it 
is a ip*ni work Gad has giver us 

* Wv hv!% nnny splendid msta <. es 
ol i^twtTta who ar* getting- -ir 
(9^t sfiStOfCd Of m«cn inK>ri>vci , 
vsd n^eat i^ th it hii^'u " 
^eir tRBtrtfcaKC^tcal t> rK«.rn ~ , 


June 10, 1916 


r^^BJ tat TL> aJiti— Aiwy b Cmi Jk N.W. 
rf. H Afttft 9U Teams 

A Reminder 

Under Farewell Orders 


The gnljr'woiaan ijbnfincd b ti* 
?^^'_^ £™!}« J"^ has b«tt 
Ininslerred to The SaUation Anar 
Industrial Home iq 'Winuiptg 





Elsewhere we reproduce a picture 

o£ the recently-created Memorial 

Column to mark ihe spot in Mount 
Flea^nt Cemeter>- (Toronto) where' 
lie the remains of CommJasioncr and 
Mrs. Rees and a numter of rhe 
eoTnmdeF who perTshed in ihe ter- 
rible "Empress" disaster, in which 
133 SaJvalicnisis, who were journey- 
ing to the International Congress 
in London. lost their Jives. The 
column i£ simple in design, but what 
Symbolism tberc is is ver>" effective 

—at tbe junction of ihe pi mh and nature or locality of hts next ap- 
the pillar large sea 
waves rear their 


On Sunday evening. June 4th, The trhief SccreUry conducted as 

Commissioner Sowton will conduct Officers* Council at Hnmiiton «» 

a meeting with the . forty children Tuesday, May 30th, afterwards ni^ 

now in the Govcmnieilt Detention siding at the Divisional Self-D«ui 

Home in Winnipeg. Ingathering.. The jfo. U Citadel 

The Commissioner is hooked to ,, was crowded, and there was matli 

conduct meetings at Swift Current, enthusiasm over the ■ magnificent 

Commissioner has received a cable Sask., on Saturday and Sunday, June victory gaitied. 

from International H«dquarters in- I7th and 18th. . „ _ On the folJowing day the Colontl 

" y .^ ,- ,„ - . Last Tuesday evening. Mrs. Com- met the Officers oi the Toronio 

tiraating that Colonel baskin (Lhict ntiwioner Sowton, assisted by Major Division in the Council Chamber at 

Dobncy (the Women's SocialSec- Territorial Headquarters. 

retaiyj. conducted a veiy pro6tabte This week-end (June 3rd-^th> the 

niectmg with the women at the Kil- Chief SecreUiy will be at Brace- 

donan I-ndustrial Home, five of bridge, assisted by Lieut Colonel* 

whom knelt at the footof the Cross, Smeeton a.nd Chandler and ihe Tcr 

seeking forgiveness. ritorial Staff Orchestra ,ind Male 

Lieut.-Colonel Turner, assisted fay Choir, 

the bal\atJon Singers, conducted the Lieut. Colonel Hargraye uill visif 

Montreal I. on June 

Ai the moment of going-to preM 
e have been idfonned that the 

Secretary) is required for a, fresh 
sphere of activity. 

It is expected that Colonel and 
Mrs. Gaskin will leave Canada for 
iheir new appointment in July; the 

and bcverfng ovxr the 
Tvaters is a lone sea- 
gelL At the top of 
the pillar is a cross 
and crown — the whole 
Figoityiog their pro- 
notion to gloT>-, and 
Ihe manner thereof. 
0:1 the sides of tbe 
plinth are inscribed 
the names ot those 
whose resting places 
Hesround. Tbephoto- 
Craph was taken about 
the second anniversary 
of the sad event, ^fay 
Frnshine streamed 
around in golden 
glory; the^air was re- 
dolent with the frag- 
rance of the violetSr 
and the young_ grass 
was as emerald. Fit 
emblem of tbe present 
state oi those iivhose 
redeemed spirits were 
caught up from the 
black waters and tbe 
gloom of midnight iu' 
10 tbe 'sunshine of 
H»veo. We pen these 
lines As a jreminder to 
Our readers -tb a t in 
rhe aidst , of life we 
are iu death; and that 
-ne Onght always to be . 
ready for the hour of 

its coming. No cannonading or war- pointment, at the time of 
Jike prqwialMins marted tbe coming has not irauspifed. 
of dealh to those on tbe "Ejnpr«» Colonel Gafllcin's successor Js 
oilrelapd. ^ Like a hoJt from the Lieut-Golond McMillan, of the 
blue came the shock of the ships, Aiittniliaii Temtory. 
end in a short time-tbev *rerc not Colonel and Mrs, Gsskin ha\e 

Tbe Menonal Cohmm ^Unth marb the resting place of the conusdea vho ivcre pfomoted- to 
tbe Streets of dory from the Sver St. Lawrence^ on May SM), 1914. wfailtt on tbdr way to the 
Xnteniational Congresa in London, Rn ^ lap ^ . 


Sunday's meetings at Winnipeg IV. 
(Scandinavian), on May 2Sth^ 

Brigadier Taylor conducted last 

Sundny^a meetings at Winntp^ VII. 

in the absence of the Commissioner 

on important business in Toronto 

— ^— - — , — .„ ^..-„„. .™.w The Bnf^adKf reports a. good day, 

Wc live not in the radms of fihci laboured in Canada for the past ^'*^ ^^i^" souls tn the Fountain. 

and tbcii and hayonet charge, bat twenty yean, *nd this news wdl be Bccenily Decision Sunday was .. r- , 

r^^/«i./>/.;*h ««* ,«..*# th»»...*h observed in the Government Boys* Major Fra-icr has reccivul in in- 
reccvcd w,tb grat regret ihroogb- j^j^g^^, jj^^^ ^^ Vancouver, and tenstmg le^er from Gunner Mo.r, 
out tue eqttre iJomwion. thirty-eight hoys came to- the Mercy »ho was so much m -the lurtligbt » 

We hope to be in 1 position to Seat, thus signifying their intention few years back for sheotinf; a man 
give further inlprmation next week, to serve God "t I>ondon, Ont whilst under the 

"he Salvation Singers have re- influence of liquor. After Krms i& 

wc are ever in the zone of deatb. 
Jleadent, let u» see lo it that ve are 
prepared to die 

18th, and 

tion with the nureiings 
will perform a ii.ry 
interesting ceremony, 
namely, the dcdicatioa 
of his little gr^indchlld 
—the soif oi Dands- 
man and Mrs. iJondicr 
We comitliniciit Bri- 
gadier Morc'hL'tJ a. 
the efficiency oi his 
HcadqiiaritTii organi- 
lation. Wc a.-kcd lor 
information iJirougli 
the "Cry" rfl:iiiriR lo 
Sclt-Dcrnifil adiic\e- 
mcnts. He hif!;t iliiciS 
containing nil Ihe 
qucsiioiis wc :,^\Lil to 
his Field oril-^tr^ had 
them filled in. >i-"t to 
him, and 1: a d the 
sheets of all ihv Corpa 
' — logcthcr \vi I h ihe 
Divisional iniQriiuilioii 
asked for — on our 
desk on Tuesday 
morninB. It h i]ot ■sur- 
prising in view oi siicb 
method and energy, 
'that his Division 
shows a spk-iidid in- 
crease on la.-r vtir— 
got in rcconi linn* 

During the ^r^aler 
part of t li i - month 
Brigadier l^-iindge 
will be cngigt'd m 
Young PcoiJk's In- 
spections Eli ihc ^an- 
;OUS Divisional Head- 
quarters, commencing 
at Halifax on June 13. 
Mrj. Brig. Greei^ 
acconpa nied "by 
a number of Song- 
sters, will visit Thornhill Industrial 
Farm on Sanday, June 4th. 
^ Mrs. Lieut^Colonel'ChandlcrslM 
continues to have. indifTcrcni health; 
in iflcv, it has ben.fouud necessary 
for her to undcrko somt. hospital 
trcatmcnL We smccrdv trust ihat 
she will soon rec(>\er htr usual 
Major Fra<ier has reccivi 

In the absence of LwuL-CoIOnel 
Turner in Toronto with th* Com- 
misnoncr, Stsff-Captam Sims Biled 
the ColoDers week-end engagement 
at Portage b Pr.ine Hie Stuff 
Captain wa^ accompanied by En- 
sign Townsend, and a most success- 
ful tune IS reported. In the jail 
meeting, an. Sunday morning one 
zaan deaded ^or Christ. Five souls 

Self -Denial News 

ceivnl Si invitatian to render a pro- th* ^iiyhim -and prison^ he came la 

tramme of music »nd »ng nt tlie contacl with Major Ffiscr whli 

uniiiAavMn Mi»ton Church, Elm- ^Mk « keenanlerest m him arnl as- , 

wood (Winntpee), on MoniJv, listed in no small way in arrangiilff 

June 5th - for Jus departure for service in En^ 

Major Ha> has just concluded a l^nd at the outlirc^Ic of thL ^^-ar In 

ten-days' lour in Southern Alherta. h" tetter, Gunner Moir assures IB" 

We heartiljr congratiitate Bnga- At Stirling the Major delivered -a ^fsjor -that he 15 & chanfyed nuni 

dier Adby on bu SeU-Dcnial victory. lecture, on The Army's wSrIc, to the <l>»t driuk has no lEOte tcniptatioM 

.__ „. ^^ , ..^ „„«„ ,^ Toronto DiFiiionat toifcl lA MonHOBS ID their meeting house (or him, and e\tn thfouph inft 

linelt at the Croijs in th( Holiness l",'""""" Uivmonal total is plcaMd, and Chnstmas ieslint»S he refrained 

neebnr. and serenlbOys decided to fj^' "'""'«•"'"'"',>■'" "' seeiitd much .Mptiss^ wjth' the torn ton chins <« at all He bib 

aerfe God at the 3sya^<JliidnstniI'>$>/)0(ii T)u ettimated total of the wiSri Tlie Arwr is tWiuc amongst the bent o(ii«fltil,jind>iloing hisb* 

Home tn Uie-aClatuion -. *-- St lohn» h fV>00 Uir poor and ouicasl. (( oiic'jdcd on X>j|^e ''') 




The Indications Shown by Our Partial hitelligence are in the Directions 
of a Splendid Victory 


The toUl aiUount of Self-Denial 
for this year for Hamilton Division 
]E $7,522.7St making an increase over 
last year of ?1,!22.78. 

In addition to the names of B, E- 
Corns mailed to you kindly add 
Paris, which raised $170 last year, 
and this year, fZ-lO. The Champion 
Officer- Collectors are Ensign and 
Mrs. Ursaki. of Gait, who collected 
J265.— LicuU-Coloncl Chandler. 
Corps Which Ar* "Britain's EqnaJ" 

List of the B. E- Corps in Hamil- 
tan is as follows: Berlin, Colling- 
Viood, Hamilton I., Hespcler, St. 
Catharines, Feversham, PariSi and 

Stflf-Uenial total for Quebec and 
Ea'it Ontario Divisions as follows t 
Seniors, 5^^2.71 ; Juniors, ?2,239Z2. 
Total. 57,181.93. Increase on last 
jear of $1,078.93. The Champion 
Sofdier-Col lector is Brother T. 
Clirke, of Montreal I.— Brigadier 

[Owing to the fact that »me IMvidoiu could not get in tbcir Divi- 
sional rcniltt in time for the cutrent issue, wc have dcoded to hold over 
the whole o£ the Canada Eaat Temtory until next weclt The Divisonal 
totals of Canada West will appear a week later.] 


Corps Which Are "Briuln'a Equal" 

Montreal I., Montreal VF,, Mont- 
rcdl Vll., Ottawa in., Pembroke, 
Picion, Quebec City, Renfrew, 

Truilon, ;ii>d Tweed. 

The H:ilifax Division tarfict is 
•imi'.hcd. We have raised S5.908, 
■\vhicli is 51,520 above last year. The 
larecst .imount raised hy any Corps 
■\ s 51,203 at Halifajt I., ^ut Hali- 
fax II. Corps ran a close second by 
T ising $1,155. New Glasgow raised 
5 nCi; Glace Bay,5380: Sydney, $315. 
Circal enthusiasm was manifested 
It the Divisional Ingathering mcet- 
ing in St. Paul's Parish Hall. This 
is the best yet. Wc have four B. 
E s and one with two bars. — Major 


\s Slated last week, the total of 
thi? Division is ?2,695, an increase 
of §■510. 

Tbe .nhovc Divisions show a total 
increase of 54,130. The same Divi- 
sions last year 3*10 wed" an increase 
01 JS.S'ffi. The increase this year is 
larger than last hy $5S3. 


Dear Editor,— Our -worthy Cor- 
TC^pondcnt will he sending you a 
message in connection with the Self- 
Dcnial Effort, and its glorious vrind- 
iip, but T mast let you have a line 
to say how greatly we have been 
blessed by the Effort The Soldiers 
have risen up and doot)led and tre- 
bled and quadrupled their targets, 
ind are in better spirits than ever. 
Look at 'this for a list_ of con- 
qiierorr:' — ■■ " '. 

Targets smashed by-79.-Soldierfi; 
doubled by- 13^ tripled by 4; quad: 
rupted hy 2; quititupled by 1; aex- 
tnpfed by. 4;- stnaslted twelve .times 
over by two Soldiers; and. thirteen 
limes by one.; How laariy .biTB do- 
these have?- -Forty-niiie .SoWiers- 
ate B.-E. - ■^, -^ -- \ . : .-. '- 

Ninety-seven 'Comrades- took rpart. 

in the Efrort,---with- above-icaults. 

The Altar Servtee yielded $130 and 

Eeven soals gave themselves to God 

(csme out for Salvation). Thetotal 

"trnunt reached by the Corps u 

■0 Fifty per franJ-TOorc than 

>car T nm geihg lo sertd you 

ihwofi «s&tiHr crfttapJans. YaurS- 

How the Self-Denial RcsuItB WcfC 

Made Known at Halifax I. 
- On Wednesday, May 24lh, we had 
the wind-up of the Self-Denial Ef- 
fort. Ensign Tutte read out the 
amounts that had been collected, 
amid much applause for the work- 
ers. The amounts were made known 
by means of a huge clock on the 
starboard side of the Hall. The 
small hand signified the tarfiet and 
pointed to half-past siit. Each hour 
represented $100, so the target was 
$650. The laree hand denoted the 
amount . realized. As the total 
amounts were called out, the large 
hand slowly revolved until txvelve 
was reached, -which, of course, 
meant that we had collected ^^1,200. 
This caused great rejoicing'. 

CakcE and ice cream were then 
served gratuitously, thanks to the 
pcnerosity of a Halifax milk firm. 
The glorious Gospel is being preach- 
ed to cood crowds in tlic open-air. — 
Jobii T. Wimble, B. E. 


H.nlifax II. broke all records for 
Sclf-Dcria.1. Our l.irgcrt was 5650. 
Wc raised $1,155, as follows:^ 

Seniors.— The League of Mercy, 
$200,09; Soldiers, $205.75; Lieuten- 
ant Thouless, 575.89; total, $481.73. 

Juniors.— Ten classes, ?77.74; 
Life-Saving Guards, $50,56; Corps 
Cadets, $18; Life-Saving- Scouts, 
$9.56; Mrs. Adjutant Kurd, ?75.91. 

Total, $231.77. Adjutant Hurd, 
$500, Grand toial, $1,213..S0. Ex- 
pense, ?49.50. Clear, $1,155, or 78 
per ceiit. increase. 

Champion Local Officer, Mrs. Ty-, 
ler, ¥77.50; Champion Soldier, E. 
Mitchell, $30; Guard Leader, $11; 
Guard Dorothy Biggcrs, $7; Corps 
Cadet Ada Tyler, $3.50; Scout 
Unssc] Mills, $1; Junior Clarence 
]3urd, $3. Adjutant Hurd. 

Moncton will win a B. E., accord- 
ing to prcseut indications. We have 
raised 5260 at present, and more iS 
to follow. Target way out of sight. 
Juniors double last year's amount. 
B. E. for them. Sergeant- Major 
Stewart is the Champion Local Of- 
ficer; Brother Thatcher, Champion 
Soldier. The Junior Corps has rais- 
ed $134, and Mill more to follow,— 
Captain Ham. 


Dear Editor,— We are glad to re- 
port that the Self-Denial Effort has 
been a real success here in Berlm. 
The target for Berlin was $235, and 
we have sent to Headquarters 
$322^0, 60 Berlin is now a B. E, 

Cadet Vale; ot this Corps, who has 
■Just..beeji-promq.led tbr^.that. rant,, 
farewelled on Sunday; night to go 
' out„ and fight in the Field. This 
' comrade collected $33, which makes 
him a B E. Ilecniit Geffreys col- 
lected V^.3S: he also is a B E. The 
Juniors, of. this Corps have worked 
hard to smash-tbetr tar^, and they 
are delighted over tho-lfe« that they 
hove colIeetclJ this year $50 over 
. their target -of test ycir God Wcss 
the 7uniots. — Gobt Hancock. Dipt. 

The amount raised by the Men's 
Social Institutions for 1915 was 
$340, and the amount raised by the 
same Instiiutions this year is $47-4. 
A number of the Instiiutions have 
quali&cd for the B, E. The total also 
comes in for the samc.^C, T. 
Jacobs, Colonel. 

Self-Denl3l. Effort of New Glas- 
gow was a record-breaker. RcSuUs 
are as follows: Cbampion Local, Y. 
P. S.-M. Draitiond, $84; Champion 
Soldier, Mrs. White, $26; receipts 
from Flag Day, $75; Soldiers, $120; 
Juniors, $14; Ensign Beccroft, $180; 
total, $500. An increase of $140 over 
last year,— J, W- Beecroft, Ensign. 

Ottawa III. Achieves Great Victory 

On May 23rd wc had a Rrand time 
at OllFiwa III., when Brieadicr Bctt- 
n'dgc conducted the mQctiTig, Every- 
body captivated; large attcnd.ince; 
nine Juniors at the Mercy Scat; 
ihree Juniors enrolled: one baby- 
dedicated— Hild,-! Myrtle, daughter 
of Secretary and Mrs. Douglasr No. 
n. Citadel It.iTid did good servicf, 
aod the same is deeply appreciated 
by Hintonbiirg citizens and Corps 
Officers and Soldiers. Welcome, 
again, boys. 

Brigadier Morchcn was with us 
for the wiick-cnd. Three adults and 
five Juniors eamc to the Mercy 
Stat nt night. On Sunday after- 
noon the Brigadier lectured on "The 
Rise aTid Progress of The Salva- 
tion Army.'* Evcri-body fully en- 
joyed the Same. 

The Cori^s' target of $100 was 
smashed. We reached $160— Otta- 
wa's "baby" Corps" first Scll-Deoial 
tareet,— Captain Pace. 

The photos are Scrgeant-Major 
Gilders, Treasurer Armstrong, and 
Captain Howiclc, Corps Officer. Ser- 
geant-Major GJIdcrs is over seventy 
years old, and collects about tbir^ 
dollars twice a year for Self-Denial 
and Harvest Festival around the 
country farms, taking the Captain 
for a nice day's outing iii a buggy. 
Treasurer Armstrong was taken 
very sick after starting his collect- 
ing, therefore Mrs. Captain Howick_ 
stepped into the job, finished his 
district, and smashed his target for 
him. In spite of the difficulties in 
the town, we had a glorious victpry, 
nearly doubling our target. Halle- 
lujah!— Captain and Mrs. Howick. 


My Dear Colonel,— Following ts 
the informatioh asked for through 
"The Cry"; B, E.s— First of all, 
Barrie; Annie Jago, Bra. Goodyear, 
.Mrs. Dart^ D. Thompson, Chas. Rey- 
nolds^ Irene Brown, Bto. SpilUlt, 
Bro. Thome.. . . 

Best Collectors: Irene Brown, 
Treas. Stapleton, Father Miles, Bro. 
H Kirhy, Bro R. Goodyear, Bro C 
Reynolds, Bro G Soiile, and Sister 

r We have^ thirteen cnrallcd Guards, 
and they raised. $£2,10 The Young 
' People's Corps tats&d (tnclitdine Lo- 
cals), $4250^ The <Champ^iljLo«l 
OfSeer is Tr«as StanMsn, ,$42iO. 

Champion Soldier, Irene Browoj 
$45.01. Yours sincerely,- R. Clarke, 


The champion Local Ofiieer Col- 
lector at Collingwood was Ralph 
Clark (Treasurer and Scout Lead- 
er), who collected $22.74. The 
Champion Soldier Collector was 
Sister Mrs, McRac. This comrade 
is an old Salvationist, with a weak 
body; she has three children— Oliic- 
ers in the Slates. 

The Junior Corps collected last' 
year $14, This year ihcv ha\e col- 
lected $77.11. YounK Peoples Ser- 
geant-Major Howard ha^ done 37 
per cent, increase on la^t »ear ^fra. 
Styles has a 37 per cent increaser 
and also Secretary Stjti>, Hai s 37 
Ti'it CtTit. increase on hsi Ger- 
ald Styles six years of -igc coUi.ctcd 
$6. Evelyn Pclch. si-^ vcar 01 ige, 
colleclcd $6.25, — 1*. Cubttc Capt-iin. 


Scrgeaiii S. Grccii ^ "\i '1 

Champion Collector lor "^ilc \>t il, 

has only Iil-l-h e uiv ru I r 

months^ but is inkii ^ hi n s 
a true Bloml-jLud-Pire Soil r 

cciilly donuing the lull - il jii 

Army uniform, and 1 iLii^ n r 

est in the Junior, a;! \\ri\ t ^ ir, 

work. It been 1 gru d it 

to him to liikc p.irt m ihit h t 

Sclf-Dcnial Effort, nnd uhcn e 
handed in his cird \mi1i ilit sun i 
iwenly-six dollars, ihus j,t tnt '1 '5 

target more than five limes u c " 

said, "I only hope 1 ein b at 1 

nest year." So he is ilrca I i'' 

forward to the next 1 iTur i 3 

doubt, will aim ai iitii on \ ir 

the Chanipif>n Cnlln.inr 1 r ' 

Mary's,, but of the Londor ii i 1 

Note- — ATiothcr cnmr-nl" 1' a 

recent convert. Trcisnr "^ , 

also did well, and cinic in wni c 

sum of nearly ihiriepn dollir II 
done, Treasurer! ,M1 ibc cr,m 

have done well, and are rei-nci in 

the. fact that iheir largi-i 

smashed, and quite 1 luim )i.r i%e 
doubled their tarpei 

At the Altar Scr\iCL whi^h aS 

held on May 21st, m tht IIo c i 

meeting, the sum "f se\Lnt no 

dollars was broiijeht iii W ell nc, 

SL Mary's comrade • To Go mc 
give the glory.— 1.. Knight Caf^ntn 

The following SoldiTS ot tnis 
Corps are enthled to t place 1 the- ^ 
B. E, List: ^frs. Capper, $16 Mrs. 
Small, $9: Mrs. Hodgson, J5, 
Stanley Capper. $11 16, Mrs j Ii-dfc- 
gan, $11.50; John Nicholls, $19, 
Mrs. Page, $8.20; Mrs Welch, 
$&25; ainton Eacott $12 Mrs. 
Hoslcins, $5.25; Kitty Burficld, 
$7J0; Mrs. Barrow, $760 Mrs 
Clark, $6; Mrs. Cheese. $923 SiUy 
Cook, $6.60; Mrs- Webster =^5, 
Gladys Baker, $36. 

The Life-Saving Guards- coP ted 
$88; Junior Ccrps collected 7t; 
Champion' Senior- Soldier is C dys 
Baker, $36: the Champion J nor . 
Soldier is 'Stanley Capper * 16i 
The zeal and^hard work of "^frs. 
Webster are worth recording ith 
$3S to her- credit— E Heb icn,- 

* ^ * • 


} am laailtng yon the photo 1 1 1^ 

too eaiW for us to a^noqncr tfr . 

tolaJ^:^nKe^^of ^Ihis year's «etf- 

^ .4-' 

THE WWff OlY- 

Jont H 1915 


Reports of Self-Denial Triumphs from 
all Parts of the Battlefield 






"The Opening of a N«w Corps Ever>- Branch of Corps Processing Territorial Organizer EzplAins tbe Gave Musical Festival in Wood 

On Sunday, Mav l^ih. at ^^aple 
■Creek, -Major Cooni!)S coiiJiicicd ihc 
-opening sijrvJccp. In the morning 
*be Dlvisionn.] Contmaiidtr conduct- 
<ed a meeting: in the Methodfst 
Church, \i-blcb was appreciated by 
the coiigfe-gilJoii. The afrernoon 
^nd. evening meeimgs were held in 
the Grand Theatre, ifliich was loan- 
ed by .Mr, Stcarn. Soiiic six ftundred 
jjeople gathered tor the Iwo services, 
and good ttmcS were experienced. 
On Tfrnrsdai' the firjst meeting 
li^as held in Tbe Armv Hall, and a 
^ood crowd turned out. 

.'^t tbe nrst meetint; for the Jim- 
aors, over taventy chitdren came, and 
-wc are believing for a E:ood work to 
he ilutie in Maple Greet— S. H, 


Adjutant H. Habkirk, the Jlen's 
1 Officer for British Columbia, 

Life-Saving Scouts. 

stock Citadel. 

sgenietit i 
and l}oys 

At the Point Grey Boys' Indtts- 
irial School on a recent Sunday he 
had a Decision Day for the boys, 
and there were over thirty of those 
present came forward, and many of 

Our worthy Divisronal-Command- 
■er5. Brigadier and Mrs. McLean, 
■cniiducted the Sunday's meetings at 
-aar Corps, Vancouver II.. recently. 
"The service* were interesting and 
JielpfuL The Brigadier ffave a tem- 
- j>crance lecture in the afternoon. 
In ihe Salvation meeting at night 
?ii5 subject was "The Hereafter." 
TJie Band and Songsters- rendered 
good ^eryiee all day. 

The Diviatbnat Commanders wcec- 
accompanied bv Adjutant Goslinj^ 
-^aptain GrC£Or>, and LicutLnant 

We bad a good week-end at Dart- 
mouth. On Saturday night Captain 
Spooner was with us^ He conducted 
a very interesting meeting. The boys 
who are lopJting^ forward to becom- 
ing Life-Siving Scouts were glad 
to hear from the Scout Organizer, 
also five girls were enrolled as Lifc- 
Saving Guards. 

On Sunday we had Major Crich- gave an 
they knelt while the ton to do the meetings. His Holiness 'mission. At the close~of the pro- 
Adjutant prayed with them, and address was enjoyed by all. In the gramme the band partook of a boun^ 
pointed them to the only One that afternoon Mrs. Major Crlehton was .tiful supper, which had been piovid- 
could help them to become true also present, and at night we had cd by the ladies of the Corps 
men. Ensign Adams and- Captain Hill - 

On the same Sunday Staff-Cap- from Halifax. 
tain Smith, the Divisional Chancel- Our Altar Service was held, and 

ssisted by Sergt^nt-Major iiras responded to very well. Wc are 
looking forward for victory in con- " 
ncction with Self-Denial. 

Captain Murray has fa re welled, 
and we are expecting Captain Bel- 
lamy and Lieutenant Hickling this 
week. We are praying that God's 

Grant, of Vancouver L, conducted 
the meetings at New Westminster 
and Okala Jails, and they report 
that the inmates listened very at- 
tentively and joined most heartily in 
the singing. 

Woodstock (Ont.) Corps was tte 
recipient of a great musical ireaL 
when, on May 8lh, the Band oi the 
I6Slb Battalion, with BandTiiaficr A, 
Scott as its leader, visited the Coips 
and gave a splendid prOKramme. 
Lieut.- Colonel McMullen, C. O. of 
the Battalion, was in tbe chnir. Eti- 
sign F. Martin was also with us and 
address during the fnici 

It IS interesting to note th^l thet„ 
are nine Salvationists in the l&8tb 
Battalion Band. These are all mem- 
bers of the Woodslock and Inger- 
solt Corps Bands, with the fsception 
oE Lieutenant W. Welbournc— R, 


Vancouver L is working hopefully blessing shall accompany our incom> 
at the Self-Denial Effort, and the ing leaders.— Stand Firm. 


Spirit shown by Ihe different work- 
ers makes Adjutant Janes feel confi- 
dent of victory. Several of the Di- 
vtsfonal Staff have recently been 
lending a hand in tbe meetings Ad- 
jutant Habfcirk took the mcfting-on 
a recent Sunday night,:and gave ^ 
stirring address on the words, "As 
thy Servant was busy here and there 
'ic UTS pone 

cently had a visit at York 
ton from StalT-Captatn Peacock, the 
Young People's Secretary, and the 
meetings conducted by him were a 

means of cheer and blcssinf;. Our 

Battalion Parades to HaU-Semi' 9^^"'- ^P/.^'" °^'^'"°"^^"!?°"S-'' 



The comrades and friends of Belle- 
ville enjoyed a most successful and 
profitable week end on 7Ia> 20th- 

alone, U putting up a good light. It 
is with regret we have to announce 
that Mr5. W. Henslop, who hu 
been ably assisting the Captain; has 
had to return to Mon<:e Jaw tiso 
the two Bandsmen Vkho<;c presence 

L.^.tmore who" My 7uppi,rLed T^\/°"T"f ^"""*^'' ^''i"' *"' The IMth^S^tthL^^J^Iir.J^^lJ^h'l: »"« ^^^ ^ S^=« blessmff nn our 
them The Lieuiemnt <: wlnswrnl '"^'* "^^^ Gosbng — e^cr welcome ^"' *"th Battalion paraded lo the . . ^ 

toeoi ine L.ieuienanis soios were .„,»„„ „* -nt™ i .««i. .i.- .. mnrninc <icrvi(s» anH rannrti- f-..l *™ ™~!' 

itors at No I —took the meet- jnornmg service and cannot fail to 

We arc having good t mes aU 

lucn apprecuted. we are hard at — ,, j , *"—•*■". ■■•"•■ i,-„-b» i,. .i,. n«-K-*t .^.^a u ut t "t arc naving good mes ai- 



Seek ForgiTCnas at tbe Hcrrjr Sat 

Roiisui£ Timn— Seven Souls— Self 
Denial Douig Fine. 

T- .k f^ . rendered, but ' 

in me afternoon racctins S|ic a„ oulnounng of Ihc Holj SpinL 

Sindswomeri were commissioned for Self Dcnul is progre^inE ^^cll — 

scnicc and Ihcir appearance -iild eicn comrade hTiing sladlj uretd 

planni, Ciused much interest and ,„ j„ their share in the effort 

The Ahar Sen ice for the Younff ^^ 

People was another feature of the 


Men in IQiaki Farewell tnini Coips 

Vol.n^.J -,— .,™ . . til. O" "^undij, Mi> 21st at Halifn reopie was anotner letliire of the 

■\inodSocJr^ntTMn;''lJ^hM,h ' Ensisn Ttittc assisted by other ^y Our Young Peoples Corps 

,,rh AAint.?. n..™ ,ll rV? ' conducted big Salvition ha^c doubled the.r largct so arc B 

Tones ■nJi™'^ meelinjts At nicht In Xitar Sertice E'*- The Corps largel is left far 

Brother WVlhonrne .™., »^s held While a sister sang a behind. Best of all we had the joy We ire rejoicing in T»i.J > 

o( lie 168.1. Ri.Stmn' f^^^l Self Denial song the Soldiers and jf «einB seren souls at the Mercy smishing our largcl Thi is 

!on in Ihe feenrn^ ™^Jf„, W f"™<^ <""> 1"=' P'»""f """■■ «''"' i-eat. antl ruing iip to thank God for first timl for i number of jears 

;™l; v^^ -S^^r5„ n-"^' ^!l "" ""= Alw >*= »""»■"' «=I"<^<1 ^""""-A M L the „„« his been reiched 

.poke T.ery efTectisclv Dnrme tfrt „... „.... tioe tj,- m..^.»» > 

pr,>e, meeting tbeUr vT;i'^:^eft'^^d did no.",e?S,nl?l 
itil lOJO p m Seven souts iuund 

liittalion came lo tile Sferc> Seat 

The Junior Gioir sang during the ,™ ,„ ifm c- j-- 
'Jay and- caused a taconrable Ant- ^i-'" J" — T'"^"' 


ment oit their abiFity as sm^erv. 
We a-c in for victi>r> ami- sma^Ii* 

On ^turday a uurnber of coin 
r^des Uert* out with boxes — it being 

Our nnr OSccrs Lienlenints 
Skotness and Hatcliiit., have liken -. . ., 

charge of our Corps at Camrose. lor and Thompson r-ircw filed ai 

We ire rejoicing in Twtt-J ovft 

~" ths 
the target his been reiched The 
Altar Service was ft grant! si cccas, 
and speaks welt Ipr the uai that 
Captain Foitcr worked in tonnec- 
tion with the same 
Op Sunda> night Hrolher Tay 

Wea-cin forvictarjfanABBjjB- sSfri^aal Tap Dav A hri-i n, i™ '"irgeM our Corps at Camrose, ipr ana inompson nre»™ea a. 

inc our Sell Denial ta™fT4t«t(fo---K^'i?i»ll,Lrt™,t.,,^^«™^ ^^^ Tjiej »ere met by a mimber tl«> soon lease for ovcrse is Cap- 

Savmg Guards are il^ ^IfclT' S^-;?*rw«n„, moSTh.n „.[^ "' Soldiers at the depot, and were tain roster dedicated o r euijiradcs 

wards til! end —r ». < . TO-r*™,''™""^ "°« ••"" oive cordially »dcomed under the Hag and presciiutl then 

»^»'Sfr'^taJtSn.^.S'"j"v A good crowd gathered irondd w.t!t Bibles t»od crowds .iiended 

f-Tt^^SSsSlf^ i™ \'i'' the of en^air service at meht quite the meeungs and much hlc.siiis »m 

fosdofTMSal^tum-Atniy We , number o< whom ittendcd the received dSring the day-l- M B. 


»tsalteirf-otthe-Ef E I hire noi irfcXT™. ^"""1, ?'7°.?™ ^ 

PrKdier and Mrs 'MiirAL «„, J"^"* ^ Wiinblc; Chrrespond enl local siorcfceepcr lo loan him a 

-.'i?j5.™A»:^lm^- sK.Fb^ vzcTORv ir-Ton^-ofhiiriSdoSs-^t 

reQuent was granted and fiOw-LlEu- 


In the Hnlinpx mife* onVl,.*, "~ — """^ """ '" »"= °' ■"» wwnows itie ^W-e rccjntii rectiyild a VI l[ trOTL 

iLJht S,f.«,nl^F^^S^,.^L- „, ^' c- ^~Z reijuestwaa granted and liowilnu- Captam SiBlrt, ,Vi« conducted ths 

irfflli Sii«T,n^.f«fc^iS^" < Wi?.*«:.S^oj-f«I*^><)>-gl4«e hciy tenant Hatdiffe, who prmous to SeU-petual Alisr Services, -ind W 

5ri.V.L^^ I^™4'?^^Sfe^'Si&S?'4."L'; Dtfrin^ thfr last l2v becoming an Officer wis iSXj^ suit Messed us srea)!) 

^?'^^y^T^^^l^^Z^^'^^Si'^'i^*^'>""^ Bandsman, is -mjlttig tee <toSa Hb HilnKSi, ^ddreaa was ba-cd. 

«™tleiSj L l^W^-Sj^^S^^^f^^^iJ ^: ™ -' »"■' ""■•»" of a- r town resmtel. -on lie l«t,/ WJm. Jkea is ttilluis 

^^lb^h^,J^^^<tS^^^-^^!^^'Si'^^^^'"'^^:'^^ *'"' *' «"■" of •*= inanimait this day, to uuui»^te *■' '="■«' 

r^^« »7m,U«ife5^^!t»^-'. ^i^J"" PLI**"" TAe^MT The Hmt Sunday's meetinga «wr on the bsoks deinB oil^ned on He 

f^"7,%^T^^^^^^V:^Z^^tSfi^'i^^''°^ :5Teattrmea,„she,«n>edatefutu.. Inth- mun,=j- l-plain . n- 

1, J. .J 'c ^SJI.SISS.SE^^!*™''^'???'!^]'' ™^'™*=«* May God blew our Uteadnoiiirius?' miPF' (ll-e Cr-:. ('iVe-l <li-lii..tcd 
Jricnda theS«n^eQ^?^K^3^^;;Tp^<g;^^^^^ifc_j^^ whi, by th7%v, wT«^Si=. X Tb^ A Vr li^Jh^ a ii. =-. ' 

-faifs 4<Krib» aft- IJJlOfclHiA;' 



' (Continued from Ppe-e 9) 
Xlcnial Effort, tut prospects are 
bright for f^ing beyond last year's 
anioiiTlt Tlthough that was more 
tlan $25 hjgher than any previous 
effort Gill leidifie: collector 'is Sis- 
ter Mrs Jor<tan who smashed her 
jtarget Of $20— M Burry, Adjutant. 


The Juniors at-'Dundas have 
acliievctl a splendid increase on last 
year The amouiTt collected by the 
children Iibt year was $14.G0: ' This 
year thtir trital reaches ?64.60; with- 
out tcicJicrB or Locals; an increase ■ 
of «4742— Capl-iin Snowden. 
* * " .* 

Up to dite our increase over last 
year amOuntR lo about forty per 
cent— Captam Kcnouf.' 

> '-^ — - 


Male Ghbr and Orclwstra Band Notes 

Conducts Week-end Heetinga B-t 

ILuidsay—Oeherou* Offers of 

Findnaal Hdp^-^Three 

Surrender. ' 


'ihc fic^t visit of Iffri. Brigadier 
Adb> to the Lindsay Corps for 'the 
week, end ■fens i splendid success, 
IfOtli spintu ill> ahd' linaiiciaTly. God 
■fi\oiirLd us with idea! weather, anfl' 
tlic fict th^Lt the ^109th Battalion 
HIS dLtiihLll over Sunday made ^it 
■fi\<Jurablc for our inelfttlng^.- ' ''On' 
baturday night after a good wel- 
come was iccordcd Mrs. Adby, she 
g-iie 1 spiLndid laJfc on having a 
p[c cut ileice imCIi God. 

Til lh<. IIuiinLb'; mecfin^ we were 
igTiIi] trcitcd to a iinc address. .'In 
the iftcrnoon i nice crowd of out- 
LiidL friL'ifl-> cimc to hear Mrs. A.dhy 
ijeik on 'Ihc Women's Social 
\*oik' Dr J A White presided. 
He ^lld lie wotdd fiive the first hun; 
ijrcd (lolltrS toiAards a new building 
for Iht Lindtaj Corps. This wis 
rccened. with applause, and. there 
■\^ab !>t]ll grcdter ip^laiise" when the 
Re\ Mr Johnston, in proposing a 
\t>tL of fhanks siid the Doctor was 
llie Mphi and he would be the 
Ohics —the bn hundred, . That 
n fins a ntW Arni> Gita'del for the 
L dsdy Corps, which is greatly 

Mrs Adby'*' address was listened - 
to -i\ith the greitcst 4ttentioti, and 
iiian> hc-iTt'i -aere touched as "she 
rchicil whit a gnihd Work the woi' 
mCti m The ^rmy are doing. The 
collection for the afternoon amount- 
ed to over $13— Hincgtntleman put- 
tuip a 75 bdl on the ptatc. 

At nipht God came very near in 
thcmccuiig and Spoke very distinct- 
ly Three young meti' in hhatci re> 
sponded to the call 'and soug^ht the ' 

At thi. close we had aconsecration 
Service for iH'ofour boys thatwcrft- 
Icii. mg lis vikh the 109th Battatiom' 
rievLn of them came out {ind, tinder 
tU OiR iinft "1 Will Follow Thee, 
My Sivjour," Then we committed 
them to the keeping of Him "Who 
never slumbers lior steeps." 

BrifTRdier Adby came :ils6 the 
Mondiy toUowiiig-, and gave the 
sptenclid illustrated lecture on 'The 
I ifL of Our Late Cencral " which 
vris apprecuted The visit 
of Our Divisional OfficLr was eer- 
t'^nl^ an uplift Vo the Litu^ay 
Corps Out target of three hundred 
doUiirSk for' Sclf-Dcnial has been 
' r.citishcd '^ C Cimpbell, Adjutant 



AT;S.30 on Friday, Nfay 
Z6th, tht Territorial Male 
Choir and Oixhestra, ac-- 
compeinielJ by Lieiit.-Col- 
oncls Smceton aod Chand' 
ler, started on their first lortg trip, 
covering six' hundred and/ si.xty 
mites, and viatting six Corps. 

By morninj; light North Bay had 
been reached. This town is the 
■chaniiiigf'point for engine and crew 
— the Temiskaminff andNbw'On- 
tarip Kaitway tafcirjg charge of the 
road north of North Bay. The 
country^ through which this line 
pasRcs is one of 'nature's treasure' 
.store.'v, and is noted for its agricul- ■' 
tural possibilities^ mineral wealth.^ 
and unsurpassed attraction for 

Tcmagami is the first place of 
consequence, and is the gatev^-ay to 
the beautiful tourist eountry on 
Lake T-;magami. Picture a lake of 
crystal water, so varied in its outline 
that its shores CKteod almost two 
thousand miins, studded with more 
than a 'thousand islands, surround 
this with innumerable smaller lakes 
and streams,- place the whole in the 
centre of a 1 ,400,0rO-ficres forest re- 
serve of pine, and you have Tema- 

Litllb does one realize, when pass- 
ing through New Ontario, the 
wcaltli, in silver, tumberf and farm 
produce that has been, and is yet to 
be, taken from this new-found land. 

filially, Cobalt -was reached, a 
solid station is the first sight the 
visitor se^ ; one side of ivhich a 
huEc lake can he seen partly drain- 
ed, as it "is anticipated a large 
amount of silver is lying at the bot- 
tom'. Overhead is noticed lai-gecar: 
ricrs, ladcned with ore, being trans- 
ferred from the min'e to the separat- 
ing t^OllSl^^. On theotber side of the 
station ilig ■' toiwn . 6i -Cobalt is 
situated, \/5tS'^^ Its' cosmopolitan in- 
habitants.!, " :.; 

A substantial:: dinner was pro- 
vided in The Salvation Army Citadel" 
for the party, after' which an open7 
air service'Was hctd. 

That the citizens of Cobalt appre- 
ciate good music was demonstrated 
in 1 twofold manner in the Citadel 
at 8 p-m. First, by the assemblage 
of a good crowd; secondly, by the 
hearty ahd spontanetHls apptiuseat ■ 
the close of each item. Rev, A.Cou- ■ 
mans (BapRst) occupied the chair, 
and spoke in" glowing terms of The 
Artnv's work. Said he: "I admire ' 
the ^-ay The Salvation Army opens 
a musical festival, and I like to hear 
the ringing tcstiifiony of saj'ing they 
'are goiug all the way.'" 

Lieut.-Cdloncl Chandler, oh be- 
half of the Commissioner, during 
the service, promoted Lieutenant 
Bird to the rank of Captain. 

A good congregation gathered at 
the Baptist Church for the Sunday 
moVnitig service. The soulful sing- 
ing of the Brigade and the siirnnff 
testimony of Ensign Hodgson 
brought before the people the sweet 
friendship that is enjoyed through 
the Salvation of Jesus Christ. Col- 
onel Chi.ndtLr>. addres!> was fttll oi 
pointed^ ilhi^lntions jud good 
thoiight, rapt attention wis giien, 
and much blessing received 

The commodious Town HatI was 
filled fur thu 'Service of Praise" 
Among the uuUiber pf {sent va9 His 

ficers of The Salvation Army", and 
felt it a great honour to preside." 

The Male Choir and Orchestra 
had, by this. time, won golden opin- 
ions from the citizens, and their 
united eliTort brought much com- 
ment and apprcciatEon. One vva£ 
litard to say, "that the hatiriony of 
ihc Male Cholr^s Ringing had not 
been equalled in Cobalt for . many 
years past." 

Hsch minister arranged for their 
service to close at 7.45 p.m., hence 
they, with their respective congre- 
gations were present at the final ser- 
vice, when the Town Hall was pack- 
ed, and extra chairs bad to be 
brought in. 

A wave of blessing swept over the 
con^egation, as they sang lustily 
Fiich songs as "When the Roll Is 
Called Up Yonder" and "You Can 
Telt Out -the Sweet Story." The last 
chorus went with a swing, and is 
swe4*ping its way around the town, 
through the singing of it by the 

I.icut.-Colonel Smeet'on arid En- 
sign Sitchie gave good counsel" to 
the audience, -lellirig'in nO uncertain 
sound the defrnite work that has 
been done in their hearty, and the 
keeping power of Cod. 

The Divisional Commander men- 
tiolied the anniversary of the sink- 
ing of Ih'e "Empress of Ireland" as 
a closing thought to his address. 

Great credit is due to Captain Bfrfl 
and her assistant for the splendid 
arrangements made. 


[By Wire] 
' The Methodist Church was filled. 
Lieut .-Colon el Smeeton introduced 
the party, and cxplaihct! the objtrct 
of the visit; .Mr, McAuIey^ a stock- 
broker, v.'^'Ghaiririai^ and-he-aiade 
some very.-.eti!qeistic rehtirkl ' rc=- 
garding tn^.viQrli: "ot The Salvation- 
Army at the frphtr; 

The audieriirewa's-vcry demonstra-. 
tivc, and it was evident they were 
charmed atid delighted with the 
good programme given. 

One hundred and fifty men of the 
159th Battalion were present at the 
open-air und caused much enthus- 
iasm. The people are anxious for a 
return visit, and the Chairman said 
he could listen to the music and 
sieging alt night.'— Captain Clayton. 


Captain MeLcod, of the O'Brien 
Mine, arranged for several members 
of the party to go over the mine. 

At each open-air service large 
crowds gathered, and gave freely of 
their money as an evidence oE ap- 

A special meclinp was conducted 
outside the Town Hospital at Co^ 
b-ilt, and the inmates e^prc^ed their 
dchght at the same 

The Guelph Band is still plodding- 
along, and, under the Jcadership of 
Brother A. Walsh, are still trying to 
do, 'their bit. Wc number about 
twelve players, land' though having - 
had to lay aside the heavy journals, 
we are putting our best into Band 
Book No. 1, Bandsirian Langstaff .. 
has taken Over the duties of Secre- 
tary and Ljbninan. whilst Brother ■ 
Gtbbins ha^ been sppotntcd Band 
and Corps Correspondent. Look 
out for newsv reports in future, Mr 
Editor. Brother R, Fletcher has tik- 
en over the drum, whilst Brother 
Gibbins has given up the drum and . 
has taken baritone. Brother Le^ch 
transfers from Eh bass to euphon- 
ium, whilst Captain CummingS helps 
on the cornet. Recently Ciptam 
Simco paid us a week-end visit and 
did good service on the cornet Come 
again. Captain. — G. 

On Tuesday. May 16th the 
Regina Bend gave a musTcat service 
to the boys of the 195th Battalion at 
their barracks. Instrumenlil and 
vocal items were given, and they, 
were certainly appreciated bj the 
boys. The Regina band has and is, 
always striving to bring cheer to the 
boys in khaki. Our cornet -section 
has been strengthened for the last 
two weeks by Bandmaster 'Wiltiam 
Andrews, of Weyburn Band He 

' has enlisted in the 152nd Battaliort 
Band,-and is with the same m Ec- 
gina.^ God bless him. Wc hiTC 
received news from our Italian 
Bandsman, Brother Spano, who was 
called to Italy to' fight for his coun- 
try. Before his conversion he was 
a Roman Catholic. He writes that 
he is keeping well saved and hving 
for Christ and The Army. He ilso 
says that if he isspared that he i\ill 
return to Rcglna. Wc pray thit GoJ 
will walch over biin, and if il i-< 11*3 
will, spare him to return. — ;\ II S. 
« * * 

The Sister^s Band of The SMva- 
tion Army at Belleville crc itcd a 
novel scene on the streets last Sun- 
day. For some riiontlr thov have 
been practicing' hard to ti-vc tb* *. 
places of the Eand'*mcn wVio hiiS 

- enlisted. ■ The novelty of the ^ ght 

praised thi; sisters oti th'dii - "'cut; 
playing, " ^ ^ 

The Mav issue of "The ^ - .Cal 
Salvationist" contains a nur. --rf 
very appropriate and catch; f/^, 
positions. Norway is reprc^ tM 
on "The Women's Songster Page" 
by "God's Handmaiden," whi n W»» 
sung by a company of \V •nei^ 
Social OEBccrs during Mrs. Loolh^ 
visit to Norway: Tcrses hav be<*ii 
added to the old favourite chon^ 
"Lay It down' which was so mucn 
in \ognc in the l-iteGcne»l's ^riyeJ- t 
meetings iht soloists wdl ird a. 
martial piece to a popular -^mfln- 
can air \N e ire coming Father 
Abraham" ^^ The Bandsman** , 
Page IS 1 topical song wl ch is 
sure to catch on the Life ^iving 
Guards are speO'tlly catered tor by 
the mclusion of the song \i?riUeil 
for the public maueura'ion i-on- 
ductcd b\ Airs Booth at "ci^ent 
Hall while as usual, the S 'cr 
section IS a strong one 

:«*-^^'?itM(Sf-ft&*fe.^Vi.jE - in«i ^ Txwo^ CaUc<b 

'~cu'*r I (iilibua 

..% L'l G'^rdo 1 it' vr Tin 
5l Lu 1 I I rliii t » h |i ^ c 

L , ril > the II list T I ..J J ^-^3 
fifU-J Jt.^t ■ -ti .It ji hra 'i\ 3i 

Lieut -Colonel SniLCton -ind the 
Divisional Commander spoke to "» 
children on Moiida> mornin;; at the 
tcquest of thet'nnCjpalt l!^r,-Br>..0(l, 
..ud ri lurl a (.ij «, ?d J** 


[B> Wire] 
A good crowd gathered 
Methodist Church lUjor 
presided amd spoke eulog 
of The Artoy S eiigrasping pi 
music and song The congr . 
w^s-intthraJled htghLv aoon i 
:;nj ..du t».4 v^h » Uie \D ■ 
nl <' eal .. ■ ity » iLp Ordle* - 
r\r II- ^ -utir I i"Mv 15 rci^ 
Tl s 0*ve»' tnaJe e^— H-rt 4 
m-ii'* — Caf-tti C j^ 3t . 


^•S^ 3.- 


On Guard m Home Waters WWia » ««» 


IN this number we are able to dea! 
with cerUin aspects of tbc work 
of the dwtroycrs and torpedo 
boa.t5~-''the cavalry of tbc icas, 
as STr. L. Cope Coniford tcnns 
thtm fa his description of the Grand 
pleet, which has been appearing in 
-The Morning Post" (London). He 
tfaus describes the smaJJer torpedo 

There are scores and scores of 
craft tike her — some lar^r, whicb 
are destroyers and destro>er leaders, 
Eome smaller — all hard at it, day in. 
day out, /air weather and foul, and 
m more climates than on& In what 
that worlc consists ts, of eourse, kept 
secret for the present, and in that 
circumsiance resides one of ihe dis- 
adnnTages of the chranicter. Tbe 
torpedo boat which slid past the 
ships of ibe Grand Fleet must stand 
for her sisters 
£efore the submarine was tested 

last vessel of the miles of vessels, 
knew somcthipg- about submarines, 
too, for she had been hunting them. 
£ut she can do everything but talk. 
The men know, too; but if a civilian 
was ever so misguided as tD suppose 
he could induce tbem to dh-uige, he 
vTould be mistaken^ 

Ta5V, yes; hut not to Bay any- 
thing, though they have been the 
big-^ame hunters of the seas for a 
year. The cngineir staff, below the 
ship, SH tiotbing of tbe siwrt. Down 
below, the harc-anned artificers, clad 
in singlet and ttousers, stand beside 
the narrow roaring furnaces, whose 
frames are shut in by the bbck Sled 
plates. At high speed the plates 
bucltle back and forth like paper, and 
.(he airtificer, unmoved, slides back a, 
little shutter and peers into the red- 
hot chamber and adjusts the oB in> 
let and probes the furnace v>l(b a 
little rod, and sunds vigilaAt. 

Bowmanvflle Corp9» in the persOi 
of Sister Mn, Loscombe, hu gone 
to her reward. Urs. Loscombe has 

-tbemMtw-ii^PoftSKitpsaiL Bit 
' addresses innoff the-dJyweT^m " 
than nnftflr changed with-Divine 

!^ ^T^ Sar^fl^. On.thc^ following Wednesday be 
Another faitbfii] SoIdi« of the and his-inle and fMiiIy left for hJ« 
owmanvflle Corps* in the person ^n„, at which place the EnVoT 
purpo>4d to conduct the Easter 
Snndaj meeiiogs The litUe party 
travelled by a gasohnt boat owned 
by our depj^rted comrade Ir was 
uhHe on the joiirQe> that the unex- 
pected call came. Suddenly ani 
without wan2ing*the Envoy collaps- 
ed, and never regained conscious- 
ness. On investi^tibn mto the 
cause of his death it ^-as found he 
had - been ovcreome ty gas fumet 
The body was brought to Port 
Simpson by the grief-stricken wife 
and sorrowing children. 

On East«r Sunday an imprcssiTe 
funeral semce was conducted by 
Sergeant-Major Offutt, assisted by 
Secretaiy McKay. Practically the 
entire popniation of the village came 
to pay their last respect, and the 
bed a Soldier of this Corps for the local band gladly beaded the fun- 
past eight years; bnt the last two c^ procession to the cemet«iy. r 

years she has not been able to take 
an active part ia the meetings, ow- 
i£g to her delicate health. Our Sis- 
ter was forty-three yesis of age and 
Icavcf behind a ba^aad and fire of 
a cimilT — two boys and tbrec girls — 
who deeply monm the loss'of their 
The- funeral service wascondnclcd 

"The-loss to *ut native work 13 i 
severe one," writes Adjutant J. Hal- 
penny. "He was a noble chanictw, 
in fact, one of- tbe choicest spirils 
' pf the district," 

The Envoy was £fty-four vcars of 
age, and leaves a wife and a iiumbtr 
of children. . Our deepest svmpathy. 
; goes ont to them. We will not for- 
' get to remembA- the berea\-ed ones 
in our prayer^ 

An unwelcome neighbour at tb« bo w— A Gencaa *^t"T wluch the crew 
are txying to cut adrift 

. Tearing tbc Silken Waten 
Another writer, in 'The Times," 
has an excellent simile for tbc 

_ . plain being present when our 
comrade died. The service wa9 
very impressive. AVe were able to 
refer to our sister's life and the in- 
flaeuce she left behind* and pray 
that Cod will indeed comfort and 
bless those who are left behinC ., 
The memoriaJ service was held on 

Sunday night. A good crowd of 

friends attended. Sergeant- Major « , ... 
Ginger spoke of the life of our com- A splendid crowd gave the Com- 
rade. The Captain took for hi^ text entbusiaslie welcomeaf 
"Be ye also ready, for in. such aii the Holiness meeting. The closest 
hour as yt thmh not the Son of 
, Itfan cometh." Conviction was 

[ Commissioner JVIapp 


In war the destroyer and torpedo 
boat occupied much the same rela- 

rh-c"tJe^Ea.KcSlcrn*o'i* hara^" ««Uent "^l^ tT^. S "oS^etv"^ So^Iction ^"waJ -""^^ ™ S^" '° ^]^^!^ 

Thlnew torerfW.1 kS S "^^ds on boardamovingdcstroycr. ' brought home to many, and we be- ""d everyone present was filled with 

Dos»bleio™do «i?fa«1ii^ ^ darkness £iUs, he writes, little lieve we shall yet see results for. » burning <lesire to be and do bH 

f°!t^oi7T^^tSt-ZidSl E'^'HPS of of «« and men assemble this meeting. *e are comfoned. in- God would have them. 

pould be Tour great ships then? S«f of «nSS^''^ '^'h *'**-"u-^"'-' ''"T'"V**'*i ""m "•""<**=, ^^^ The children and Young People 

r, . . ^ ... r . t ,j "*" °* unmooring and w*whinc is ready when the call came, and that "„ ' ^ f„,.^,» ,, -n. r .t 

But whatever the future may hod commenced: No-lfrhts, no soind, she fs.tfith Jesus, which is far better. «<« "o*. fo^EOtteh* either, for the 

for the submarine, it is probably no signals— ji is pcrfectlv automatic Commissioner went down to lit 

safe to say that the exper^UM.,rX>f tuc 

liar haa again proved the cjctia- 

crdinary and various and inestim- 
able utUily oi the destroyer, not to 

mention the skill and endurance of 

ihe destroyer captains. These swift 

and handy crafty' with their low flush 

decks, their high forecastles, and .,.1, !,„„:«:; 1,. « _r 1* . .■ 

tremendous en^nes are the ckvalry ^^? i5fSr^L"'"'^if*^ ***"^' ^' 

of the «?s. And the^ are ridden to ^J^^ShJ T"" ^ ^Ti '^^ 

vetTecd^ ^"O vanished. A pause, and then a 

* deeper sound, like the murmur of a 

The Torpedo Boatl ^^i^* heralds tbe passage of a longer 

™. - . . . and larger ghost— the flagship of a 

ITtc officers are the captain who cruiser squadron. 

15 a lieutenant-commander, a mate, 

and a gunner. . . . The boat-is peace- 
ful enough at present, but at any 

tnoment she may be sent after 5ul>-^ 

marines or upon natrol work, and all 

IS ready at command. 
The torpedo boat^ rounding the 

And presently,.as y<jU stand there Snvoy W, Moody, Port Stu^son Sunday. School and addressed them 

in the peaceful darkness and silence. We recently reported the suddeii on "The Japanese Boys and Giris.'' 

you bear a sound like the ^tearing of ^nd unexpected death of Envoy 'The Divisional Commander eaid 

Shir^^J^ L/*f''*^^J "^."^^f PJ^^' ^^H-^!°/^,"°^?! °' ^^'' Simpson, that he had never seen children br 

black and secret as the night. An- -British Columbia. Our comrade Jn^*^«f*^ h.f».. 

other and another and another, -was held in the highest respect by Th ^hTi 

each tearing the silk of the waters, all who know hhn, and the foUowine , ■ * C'*^del was crowd 
each keeping her oerfect station, tin- afternoon ior the lecture 


Fairbtfni Corps Vmto Woodbndge 

On Sunday, May 21st, at Fairbank, 
ue bad with us Brother Marshall of 
Do\ercaurt, and we had a rca! Hal- 
lelujah time all da> We smashed 
our target to pieces, and more than 
doubled tt. Our Altar Service was 
one of the best E*eTv Soldier 
-fvorked well and a good spirit reign- 
ed through It all Unity is strength 

On Empire Day we v, ent to 
Woodbndge We had 

The Citadel was crowded in the 

Envoy Moody 

facts concerning his career are m- 
The En\oy was a SaUaliotiist for 
open air -o\er twent> years At one bme be 

. . _ . ; on Jyian, 
Heat was forgotten, and the Com- 
missioner held the audience speJI- 
honnd for an hour and a quarter. 
One might almost (eel themselves 
transplanted to the "Land of the 
Rising Sun" at the vivid descriplian^ 
to which we listened. 

At night many were unable iO 
■ gain admission. Captain Mapp and ' 
Sister B. Moore sang together, after 
vhich the Commissioner addressed 
the audtciice oa 'B-hold the Ma-n" 
During a well-fought pTi>er rai.cC- 
ing, five souls sought and found 

The CommtJsioEier uas accom- 
panied all day b> the Divisional 
Commander, Brigadier Adbj ^nd id 
the afternoon by the Chief Secre- 
tary, and at night b> Captain Saiya 

INe VBAirjhft In fll a FftHI Bo^ 

meeting and the people listened ail waVthc~Sc?g«nl-Ma7oV"orthe"^ort Stafif-Caplaia Peacock ts at prt- 

tentively to It and /e believe they Simpson cSrps and fulfilkd thi TKV '"""l "" '^'^ ^?T ^vZl 

r*^^,^**^J**'*^ \Ve marched duties of the pUitiun in sudh a saJi^ P«ofe% Wn'Sf'* °' ^ 

to the Methodist Church to hold a factory manner that those m author- *^"**" ' ^°'*- 

Sfllvatioti mettioff The Church was ity decided to promote him to the * • ^ * 

filled to overflowing Three sisters rank of Envoy God has indeed During thfc last-month Several of 

«an^ a tno, others «r»e their per- honoured h« labours, and he has the men and jvomen who Wi fcf" 

!5i°fi! *™™on/«*- wtt»c|» were enjoy- contmuaUy been a help and blessing handed over to The-Salration Army 

™ r*^!!l't. il: ,"j9"P'"*".^r" '** ***oae whom be came in contact fnan the Police Court and priiops 

SIZ^ i3fa^.^^*£,"^^A''",^^i* '"it: „ , ^ , - - have Eiven their hearts to gU mA 

Jtvw Uf9 ip ChMi }aiitrsrrMtA% Chi FabD Sunday be Konduele4 gf^ tfoicg we.I, 



N€W^s NOTGS ii^ coMMeisrrs 


THE great incrci-se of Cig- 
arette -!>ni&k]jig among the 
schoo]bo>5 on the Nutth 
American Continent is cans 
ing- much alirm to those 
who are concerned about the wel- 
fare of the ftjiure generation 

Fvery observing teacher," Sd>s 
the "Sunday bchool Tim«s/ "know3 
thJt the Cigarette more thjn any 
half dozen, other causes ty respon- 
sible for the boys' dropping out of 
school. The boy who smokes is un- 
able to co'ncentrate his nerve force. 
He cannot stand the nerve strain 
connected with the close application 
of tbe mind. He becomes nervous 
and rcSilesSi and soon he loses his . books . altogether. He 
begins to drop, behind, in his class 
worl^. and .finally. be drops, out .of 
school. '.This is' the history, concise- 
ly stated^ of the average yottthful 
smokerl'. . , .r 

'The, cigarftte is chiefly, respon- 
sible,' loo, fnr Ihe fact, that boys are 
less accurate, and make more errors 
in their school work than, do the 
girls, and .why the number of errors 
increases ,^-With the age of the 

pupils."!,. .\.. . ... ; , . 

; JAPAN is A^yAKE 

JAPAN; appreciates the influence 
of-tobaccoKsaoking .upon the na« 
tional.Hfe.' OversiMteen years. ago 
a bill was intTiiduced into the House 
of Representatives in Japan prohi- 
biting -the. use i of tobacco in any 
form before tbe age of twenty years, 
^is bill, became a taw the same 
year. I How? Neomoto, tn present- 
ing the bill^'.said;— .■.: 

"Recently children in our public 
schools' have -come to smoke cheap 
imported -cigarettes/ -the conse- 
quences of which we-fcar will bring 
our country down to the miserable 
jcondilton , of . countries ''like- China 
and 'India, because -'tajbacco,'^ lika 
opium; contains narcotic --poisons 
which benumb the nervousv system, 
.weaken the mental power of our 
children addicted to smoking; and. 
thus to give, pointtoour national 
policy; we must strictly prohibit the 
smoking of tobacco by.chitdren and 
youngpeople. If we expect-to make 
this nation superior , to the nations 
of Europe and America) .we must 
not allow our youths in ^ coinmon 
schools who are to become fathers 
and mothers of -Our country- in the 
near futurelo smoke." •. _■ 

Japan- is awake to this peril I 


ctlN'the year 1900 two billion six: 
'hun.{lred thousand cigarettes 
were. -made. In. the year 1913,- 
fiftecn-bjUion' eight hundred million 
cigaret'tes'werc made here; -an in- 
crease ol 700' per cent. This tre- 
mendous popularity, which 13 grow- 
ing: all the time, is possible only be- 

A Bnbah Submarine approaches a smack for a supply of fresh fisb 
(Sec Page 12) 

cause millions of American men 
have convinced themselves that 
cigarettes arc good for them." 

Thus wrote the President of the 
American Tobacco Company in a 
letter defending the cigarette, writ- 
ten to Henry Ford txvo year.'i ago, 
Since then nearly five biltions have 
been added to America's yearly cig- 
arette output, making an increase in 
fifteen years of over 900 per cent. 

Is this startling increase because 
men have convinced themselves that 
cigarettes are good for them, or be- 

'cause boys are not being defended 
against "the little white slaver?" ft 

,15 time for us to recognize the peril 
of ihe' cigarette, for the prevalent 
use oE tobacco by boys is doing as 

.much, -if not more, than alcohol, to 
lower (fie efficiency of the race. 


IN 'Facts About Canada," an inter- 
esting little publication compiled 
,by Frank Yeigh, it is stated that 
.three-fourths of our population is 
British-bom. This term applies, of 
course, to all those born to- Canada, 
,the British Isles, and British pos- 
. sessions. 

, The total number of persons, of 
alien birth in Canada, according to 
the last census figures is 752,732, of 
.w^om 353^, or nearly 47 per cent., 
had acquired the rights of Canadian 
citizenship. It must be noted, how- 
. ever, ^ that over 300,000 Americans 
are included in the figures relating 
to the foreign-horn. 
' From the Continental countries 
;0f' Europe 404,000 have come to 
,theEe shores, and from Asia only 
.40,000. There are 1SS,000 Jews in 
.Canada; Montreal having 52,000; 
Toronto^ 32,000; and Winnipeg, 

The total estimated population is 
eight millions, -which is about two to 
a square mile. Compared with other 
.countries, Canada is very sparsely 
populated.. Great Britain has 471 to 
the square, mile; France, 190; and 
the United States, 25. So we have 
plenty of elbow room yet for all 




C.111..V.S IIjs.£y--i 


iN'the city of Rheims, which is 
und'er^ constant bombardment' by 

' the Germans, a number of school 
tochers are still continuing to in- 
struct the youth of France. ^ The 
classrooms are underground, in the 

I immense champagne cellars. In pay>' 
ing' a tribute to these heroic teach- 
ers, the civil authorities of Rheims 
say:^- ' 

'.•'They have giveii proof of the 
greatest devotion' in assuring^ under 
conditions often dangerous, the edu- 

, catidnal.service in this city, which is 
iinceaisitigly bombarded, thus afford- 
ing to a.11 a fine example of civic 
eonrage. - They are sheltering^ -from 
tbe dangers or the streets more than 
13,000 children, and offering* them 
the posstbilify of contiHuingf their 


MISSIONS have been the means 
of establishing modern educa- 
tion (says Robert E. Speer in the 
"Sunday School Times"). 

Not only have the missionaries 
created and maintained tUeir own 
schools, hut-they have inspired and 
often actually organized and devel- 
oped schools and whole systems of 
education for Governments. In - 
India it was said o£ Carey by Dr. 
George Smith, that -'It was well that 
thus early iu schools, in. books and' 
tr.ict3. and in providing the literary 
forms and. apparatus of the vernacu- 
lar languages, Carey laid the founda* 
linn of the new national and^Im- 

Serial civilization. Wheu the- itime - 
ar the English came, the founda- 
tions T*ere at least above the 

Missions ha^T discouraged war 
and strife and promoted order and 
pekce. "To be welcomed in the land 
of Cannibals," Said a Dutcli traveller 
in Sumatra, ''by children singing 
liymns, this indeed shows the peace- 
creating power of the Gosp.el." 


THE work of a diver in Ihei Bri- 
tish navy, is terribly dangerous 
and difficult (says an American 

When leaks or shot-boTes are re- 
ported he goes overboard, dragging 
the thick hempen collision mat over 
the damaged plate, to enable his 
ship to limp home. 

Similarly, when a torpedo strikes 
a less vulnerable part he goes down 
to the rescue, and in patching tbe 
jagged holes caused by mines he has 
had a great value. In this case he 
may have to cold-rivet a plate— no 
easy job when a 13,0WVton battle- 
ship is rolling^and sucking against 

When a temporary repair has to. 
he improvised in deep water he takes 
his life in his hands. The least sUp 
or mTscalcubtion between heavy 
hull and twisting rope ladder means 
death. But all (nc same there is no 
lack of Britons for what is often a 
desperate and always a difficult and 
highty^skilled job. 


CONCRETE disease, due to the 
c:^tensive handling of concrete or 
cement, is one of the additions to 
human ills brouj:rht by modern in 
dustry. It is an itching eruption on 
exposed parts of the hands arms, 
and breast, sometimes afTccimg also 
the bee, and arises from the action 
of the alkaline contents of the ce- 
ment, especially on skin already 
softened by water Rest for a fc^\ 
davs, with the use of zinc ointment 
or'a soothing liniment, is sufficient 
to remove the trouble It may be 
prewnteil bj smearing nich fat the 
.bkin likely to be affected, and wear- 
ing suitable cloth glom on -the 
hiT'1'* -■ 1 


IF we could build up a solid column 
of ice from the earth to the sun, 
two miles and a half in diameter, 
S])3nning the intervening disuiice of 
mticty-three million miles, and lE 
the sun flioilld concentrate his en- 
tire power upon it, it would dissolve 
in a singtc second (according to a 

C-ilciiln-tion made by Prof Young) 
Lo produce this enormous amount 
of LeAt would rcqutf). the hourly 
burning of a Uyer of anthracite coal 
more than nineteen feet thick ovtr 
the entire surface of the sun If 
the sun were composed of sohd coal 
and we derived our heat from the 
burning of that coal, the ^un would 
burn out in less th^n five thousand 
years. Since the earth is millions oE 
years old the sun cannot be burn- 
ing. Its heat must be generated la 
some more persistent way 

The great physicist Helmholts 
was the Rrst to explain ^atisfactor* 
ily what keeps the sun hot. Ihe sun __ 
a not burning; it is heated to thc^ 
glowing point, like a piece ot white 
hot iron. Helmholtz found that if 
we suppose the sun to bt contract'^ 
ingby only 250 feet a year wewould ^ 
receive our present amount of heat. >, 
Ifi otlier words heat is being liter- 
ally squeezed out of the "sun Pro* 
f csso r Newco mb cs tima ted that,. 
when the squeeiing proce 1* con- - 
ttnued for about seven m n tM jears, 
tbe sun will be one-hatf present 



OWING to the unprccLii 1 ed cle* 
mand for absorbent c ot thftiiC 
is caused by the war, witk the rfrr 
suiting high prices, sub'^tiiuteS fis^.^- 
this material are being "ide dtet 
sold on an esrtensiv'e scab 1 nuniK;- 
-her of European ciiun*n *^ 

In Germany, particular v th iirlsa 
oE cotton is extremely ht,; ^rdld 
getting higher, since that 01 •^tTyja 
entirely shut off from thi \r r ti^ 
market The substitute 1 r iuQ-w 
in that country ate tnutli neape* 
than cotton, but their sale luS bfC"* 
somewhat retarded by tbe fat tfa^K 
they do not possess all the Bi<9e 
qualities of cotton. 

One substitute having ^ wT 
in Berlin is made of pure ceB** 

lose, and is used cbiePv to atop 
bleeding. It is claimed that tt *h»' 
sorbs blood mnch better than cob» 
- ton, but that it is not as E03l SS a 
dressing for a wound. 

In Sweden a cellulose ^v iln^fnr 
dressing wounds is being mad^ Enta 
cheniical wool pulp. This inaterid 
is prepared in thin sheets Iit^ tusjA 
paper, but is crimped Tog maia, 
which has the advantage 01 reqainog 
little preparation, is bcmff cn f^"* 
ly used in London as si ritic» 
dressing. This moss is crmnt«S 
with minute tubes whic 1 tnaLe ft 
one of the best absorbent a^ierlals 
known. - 

Treutirer Mn. ^d well 4 

A faithful *'Ciy Boomer of Petro-* 

-*&, Shi sold nea ty 40* XLai\v r 


1 a^wPst *%f9.f1 n^ '^^^1^ 



- Jf 


And wisivs nov with Thee, my 

To lose the world I can afford, 
For mint Thon art. 



: Tune.— Oh, how He loves! 129. 

Jesus Christ is now among us; 

Lord, I believer 
He is there to bless and save us; 

Lord, I believe 1 
He is lovinE', kind, and gracious; 
And His Blood is efficacious; 
Every soul may feel Him precious; 

Lord, I believe ! 

iesu5 gives the inTiCation; 
te DOW ennts a full Salvation; 
Now my soul on Him I venture. 
In the cleansing Fountain enter, 
And my hopes in Hira I cenlre. 

On the Cross He died to save me; 
From my gullr He now relieves rac; 
Richlv flo\ved tlie crimson river. 
Now 'it does my soul deliver^ 
Takes away my Built forever. 


Tune.— Who'll be the next? 293, 
.Who'll be the next to follow Jesus? 
Who'll be the next His CrOSS to 
Some one is rcady^ some one is wait- 
Who'll be the next a 
^vear ? 

Who'll he the nexi? 

.Who'll he the next to follow Jesus? 

Come and bow at His precions 


[Wlio'll be the next to lay every 


Down at the Father's mercy sealJ! 

Who'll be the next to follow Jesus? 
Who'll be the next to praise His 
Wh*T swell the ehorUS 01 &« 
Sing: Hallelujahl Praise tbe 
: Lamb? 


My hope is built on nothing less 
^haa Jesus' Blood and righteous- 
I dart not tturt the sweetest frame. 
But wholly lea:i on Jesus* name. 

On. Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; 
Allother ground is sinking- sand. 

When darkncM seems to veil His 

I rest on His unehanginE^ grace ; 
In">vcry high and stormy jalc 
Mj anchor holds within the veiL 

Hii oath. His covenant, and Blood. 
Supjwrt me in tbe 'whelming f!ond; 
He then Is &li ui'y Hope aud Stay. 



Tune. — My mind upon Thee, 254. 
My mtnd upon ^hee, Lord^ Is 

My all upon Thv altar laid, 

Oh, hear ray prayer I, 
And since, in sinsleness of aini, 
1 pari \^ith all. Thy power to gain, 

O God, draw liearl 

Ea^ioiir, draw nearer, etc. 

By every prortii^c Tliou liast made, 
And by the price Tk« love lias paid 

For my rtlcasc, 
1 claim the po»i.T to make me 

And keep through every hour my 
Id perfect peace 

And now by faith the deed is don«, 
And Tbou aeam to live hast come 
Viiih n r J I rit' 

A very thritline and poignant 
struation, in connection with the 
Irish outbreak, is created h^ the fact 
lliat' our Men's Shelter in Dublin 
was in the very midst of the heart- 
district of the disturbance — in the 
very hub of the cyclone. 

As a matter of fact, this historic 
house of ours is in the same street 
as Jacob's factory*, one of the huild- 
ings around which centred some of 
the sternest episodes of the sanguin- 
ary struggle. Knowing this, it will 
be understood how great was The- 
General's anxiety both as to this 
Army Institution and also the others 
whEeh, in the Irish capital, are 
charged with the well-being of the 
poor and the uFlifting of the sinning 
and unfortunate— atl anxiety, let it 
be said, which was especially shared 
by the Chief of the Staff and the 
heads of our Social Work, includJng 
Colonel Laurie^ Governor of the 
Men's City Colony. 

As it v.*as impossible, during the 
week of terror, which happily is now 
a thing of the past, to, get either into 
eomvnunication with or hear any- 
thing from our comrades in the be- 
leagured city. Colonel Laurie in- 
slrucied Major Lord by the -tele- 
graph to the North of Ireland, 
which was avaiTable, lo at once pro- 
ceed from Belfast to Dublin, and 
spare no effort to asccrtaiu the 
actual Slate of things. 

This, aided by raueh and appre- 
ciated kindness Otl the part of soms 
of the high of&cials, the Major was 
enabled to-do, and to the great joy 
and satisfaction of all concerned, 
iound our Officers there not only 
safe and well, and the buildings 
practically intact, but also, like the 
devoted Silvationists they are, up- 
holding The Army Standard by 
ministering to the starving women 
and children temporal Sustenance, 
and that sympathy and help which 
makes such aid doubly valuable. _ 

Adjutant Thompson, whi:> is In 
charge of the Shelter, together with 
his wife C^hey have two little chil- 
dren), had been and were nartieu- 
larly busy in this splendid '-.'Ork of 
lelief. They had immediately per- 
ceived the need, and quiekU- acted. 
Not only had the women and their 
little ones been gathered irto the 
Shelter, but the schoolroom adjoin- 
ing had been secured by the Adju- 
tant and turned Lo the S*mc excel- 
lent account. This welcome,' news 
Major Lord was ultimately able to 
convey lo London, where it evoked 
■feelings of deep gratitude to God. 
Subsequently the Major, subject 
to the wishes of Headquarters, re- 
turned to Dublin and, with the per- 
mission of the military authorities, 
procured 'a supply of provisions and 
got them promptly sent down at 
the same time as those provided by 
the powers now controlling . the 
area. ' 

It is gratifying to Icarti th&t the 
Slum OScers,^ alao, who am con- 
stantly operating in the slums which 
lie behind -the famous Sackville 
Stt-eet, have come through the or- 
deal unscathed Thc> hive won 
honoursj indeed by their brave suc- 
courjng of the poor <>ouls in need 
of It. 


Anyone having rdatires or friends 
in hospital iiuFtance ^an^ttave the 
fame vtsUed by writing to Captain 
Pcflfold, care of Senior Chaplam, 
Boulocne-iur-Mer. France. Be Bure 
»rd 2iv^ 'h' cuichRT ^f rfaeb i«pul 



SalratloD Attfty OfScer« Hinister to 

the Mecessitiefl of Wwncn 

and jCIuUko. 

For the information of those who 
would like to cammunicate with 
Salvation Army Chaplains, the 
names and addresses are as follows: 

Captain R. Penfold, Boulogne 
Hospital, France. 

Ca^ain G. B. Robinson, 30th Re- ■ 
serve Battalion^ Napier Bamckl, 
Shoracliffe, England. 

Captain Steele, 36lh Reserve Bat- 
talion, C.E.F., West Sandling Camp, 
Kent, England. 

Captain Kimmins, Field Post Ol- 
fice, Exhibition Camp; Toronto. 

Captain A. Ashby, 394 ClarencB 
Street, Kingston. 

Captain Alnslie, 221 Rupert Ave- 
nue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Hon, Captain Carroll (S. A. Chap- 
Iain), 51sl Battalion, BramshotC, 
Hants, England. 

These Chaplains will be glad to 
he of any service possible to soldiera 
et the front or at Concentration 
Camps, or to the friends who are 
interested in the men who arc with 
IIi5 Mijesty's Forces. If anyotic 
having, relations or friends in the 
hospitals will communicate with the 
ChapIainSj they will be glad to visit 
thera. Please gtve full name, regi- 
mental number^ battalion, and ai 
jnany other particulars as possible 

co MiG m m 


CampbelltoD. — Juoe lO-U 
Bawiitanville.--^une 17-18 
^ (Brigadier Green' and the Din- 
sianal Coaaander wUl acumpanr) 


LUgar Street.— Jnne II. i 

Tcmolc.— June 12. ' 

St. Catharines.— June 17-lS 
West Toronto.— June 25. 

pond. June lO-U ; Loo Coic, Jum 
13; Shoal Bay, June 1 ; Hate flij 
June IS; Aiexandra Da>, Juhp 
17-18; Port Blindfoid. June 19. 
(Major Cave wijl acconipan>) 


Montreal. 1, June 18. 
BRIG. ADBY— Lisgar SI June 11, 

TON— Lisgar Street, June U, St 
Catharines, June 18; Wtst Torou 
to, June 25. 


Looking For You 

,.„ - - , — ,- — iextHU, attht 

dignity. AdJrcM, COLONEL C- I", 

JACOBS. jAMttoHd A^J-tHSlrah, _. ^_ 

lu4"E«]tifr7' en tv.tteft. 

OJictn^ Stl^irt, and Priatdf art rrt^lifJ tt 
Bisist at 6y it-liiv rt^ttUrfy tbn^k tkt Miiii-g 
CffmrnM, MMd timttffy Cfittui J^etit, if milt tt fn* 
iiifltrmatiam (imrmaiif omj UHt, ahvjri KoClV 

BEU.U, nlfaa OLEIMN or C£»BCDFF. 
109U. The son oT the above l9 seelclngr 
her. Sh6 iB deScrlbod Ba being 5 f t 7 !□. 
In helcht, -weight 137 lbs, Waa laat 
■ from Detroit, Mieh. la r "" 

This man rcActicd. Canada In Mareh, 
1314, and wrote to his wife from Mont- 
real. 219 l>orl()ii Bt. He then ttpoka of 
(rolne to Wlnnlpeif for barvesUae. and 
txaa not written alnce. He Is aj^ed S9, 

BRIG. MOBRIS — Ddtttnanville 
June 17-18. 

BRIG. MOREHEN-Oncbcc Citj 
June 10; CampbelM'^rJ Jlde U 
aud IS. 

BRIG. ADBY— Sank Stc Mane 
■June 3-5; Lisgar Street June 1], 
Temple, June 12; Drampton, Junt 
15; Bowmanville, June 17-18 

speetions: Halifa;: Divi-,ian^ Juue 
13; St. John, June 15; East On- 
tario, June 16; Toronto June 19, 
Training College, Jiuie 20 Lqii 
don, June 21 ; Hamilton, June 22, 
Bratltford, tune 24-2t Pan', 
June 26. 

BRIG, and MRS, BELL- Lugar 
Street, June 18. 

MAJOR WALTON-Caiiipbelllord, 
Tunc 10-H; Tweed, June 12 
Montreal 4, June 18. 

1, June 9;-Hamiltoii 2. JuiielO-li 

Territorial Staf? Songsters— Li3gar 
Street, June 11; St. Calharine!, 
June 18; West Toronto June Z5 

hefsht £ rt, 6U 


1JJU7 Brit sh subject, aged 24. heigtit 
E ft fair ha r blue e^ea, fair cdmnlex- 

l<fn: wno u aomedtr- — "—' • '- ■■- 

have DMtt in tha _ 

one time (prebaHy „ , 

aXao at the Klne E4war4 Hotel. H«f 
laA knowa address was 3U ctiurcli at^ 

Iiiuii known addreHS, .^ 

EhUtLlflu-artli, of Bherbourn(% ^Creat, To- 
ronlo. Mother would lUu to Hear frojn 
Tier and to bnov or her veU-b)inff. 

FRED JVZr 10943 irFred l-ey, ror- 
nieriy orTarooto will cranmUnlcite with 
■Mrn Bell flvnirnl PifUvery. Ottma. he 
will hear or HOMoUiIng to h(fl 6dv«ntasfl> 



Yorkton.— June II. 
Swift Current.— June 1?-18 
*Brandon.^une 25. 

Kenora.— June 29 (Lecture, laiau 
■ Sewcli Camp.— ^July t. 
♦Esteran.— July 9. 
*Wcyb urn .—July 10. 
•Selkirk.— July 16. i 

♦North Battleford.— July 23 
♦Saskatoon. — July 24. 
♦Prince Albcrt.~July 25. 
•Tisdate.— July 27-28. 
♦Winnipeg 7.— July 30. 
•Winnipeg S. — August 6. 

{♦Mrs. Sowlon acconipamei) 

CHARLEB RMD. 10830. Caq^liui. 

LKad 21, belfftit'fi ft., weight IGOlTu.. 

) «>osr lHV«-n hatr. vls^e; baa tour 

PERSONALIA— Canada East 

(Continued from Page 8) 
He thanks his SaUaiiou Aricy 
friends for the interest tlicj lock m 

Captain and Mrs, Freiicli, of For- 
tune, Nfld., welcomed a babj girl on 
; May 15th. 

Young People who are interesKd 
in stamp collecting will t>e pleased™ 
know that a' series of articles on Iflis 
bobby ]3 ta be .published m in* 
Young Soldier/' caiantcncing liw 



®5^»SS™of ™ amo m m am AND NiMMi^^ 

ElDl Qnecn Victoria St, London, E.C, 

WilUam Booa, Pounder. 

33idYear. Nn,38. Brtmwell Booth, General TORONTO 

Canada East Headquarun: -. 
James and Albert Streen. Tofonto. 

JUNE 17. 1916. W. J. Richard.. ConmJ„ion.r. Priee T»o Cen, 


A KOSEAM soi-mEi;